Final Update before Saltlake City GP 29/03/2012

This is the final version of the deck that I will be running at the Saltlake City GP. Most of the last minute changes were in the sideboard, however I dropped 1 Day of Judgment and 1 Tezzeret's Gambit for 2 Devil's Play for an alternate win condition, and because it is great for both Koth of the Hammer and Chandra, the Firebrand s -2 abilities. If you have any questions, just post a comment, and don't forget to +1 if you like it and want to wish me luck at the GP =P

Updated 22/03/2012

The people arguing for 4 Day of Judgment have won me over so we are currently have 7 board wipes in the form of 4 Day of Judgment and 3 Slagstorm .

I really want to give this deck a shot at the Saltlake City GP. This deck has shaped up to the point where it is finally a contender against some of the other decks running around in standard at the moment. It has the the biggest problem with B/U Zombies where that match is about 45:55, But after the side bore it is usually 70:30. other then that, the deck usually stabilizes at about 8 life or so, so burn and other direct damage is a pain. OH, a Mono green Hexproof deck rapes this deck EVERY time. So here is hoping I don't see any at the GP... The matchup from my experience is like, 10:90, AT BEST. and the guy I play has Creeping Corrosion sideboarded... Anyways, happy playing all.


The Argument has been won! Kuldotha Phoenix has been dropped and has been replaced with Koth of the Hammer. His synergy with the deck is far greater. Any other last minute changes before the GP with be thought upon greatly.

Also +1 if you like the deck =P


Updates Add

Soooo I have the ABSOLUTE worst luck ever it seems... I went 3-4 drop in the GP and 4-5 in the SC Open. I had a round 1 bye which was kinda nice, followed by a match-up with Delver which I won 2-0, I basically wiped his board and he couldn't draw an answer fast enough for Koth of the Hammer + Chandra, the Firebrand fast enough. I ended up winning the second round in a similar manner but with a forked Devil's Play before he could swing for for lethal. The next match from there was u/w humans... I basically won thanks to the stupid amount of board wipes in my deck... Next was Wolfrun and I just got rolled, We didn't anticipate as much Wolfrun as there was but even then I should do "ok" against them. I basically got flooded then screwed and that was that. From then on I couldn't draw to save my life... I basically faced 3 Delver list in a row and was either mana screwed or flooded and when I wasn't, I wasn't drawing any boardwipes to deal with hexproof =.= So I will be addressing that issue sometime in the near future. I was sad to say that I didn't see a single R/G aggro, or Naya Aggro, or Zombies, OR even control (which usually just auto losses to me). So basically, I didn't get to face a deck that I have a good match against... But as is life, i will be editting the deck in the near future to make it a bid more stable then it actually is. Thanks for reading.

(P.S. Faith's Shield was amazing! It won me so many games by either saving a Planeswalker or me with fateful hour... There was also a judge called on me EVER time I used it which was kind of funny. It was a great card and I almost want to run 3 in the sideboard {Most people only try killing a Planeswalker right before they are about to do their ultimate} If you try running it, you will certainly catch people of guard.)

If you have any questions leave them in the comments.


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