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Crab Trap!




This deck is designed to punish greedy modern players who run too many fetchlands or tutors in general (Read: ALL modern players). This deck tears apart your hand until you have nothing left, and then picks apart your library until you're out of lands since basic lands are so uncommon in this format. After surgical extraction/extirpate, a single mind funeral and glimpse the unthinkable should be enouth to take out any deck in the format. Only bad matchups I've found thusfar are Affinity (T1 cranial plating is a thing, hence chalice of the void in at 0) and Zoo (Hence the damnation). It handles Kikki/pod combos with Spellskite, and control in general by running lower CMC removal at a higher volume than most other decks. I can reliably beat Delver on a timer, and have games closed out by turn 5.

Please leave any feedback on this deck, thanks for reading!


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