Keep your opponents at bay until its time to unleash the monsters within your library.

First off you have your arsenal of devastating counterspells. Confirm Suspicions, Deny Existence, Deprive, Dissipate, Overwhelming Denial, Spell Crumple, Void Shatter, and Kheru Spellsnatcher

Second you have your field cards that will help keep things rolling in your favor. Arcane Melee, Telepathy, Mystic Speculation, Augur of Bolas, Lighthouse Chronologist, and Lullmage Mentor

Third you have your wall that will slow your opponents creatures down. Fog Bank and Propaganda

And finally you have the monstrosities that lurk within. Thing in the Ice  Flip, Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip, Guile, Cryptoplasm, and Clone Legion



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Last updated 2 months
Splash colors U
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Avg. CMC 3.07
Tokens 1/1 Merfolk, 3/4 Gargoyle
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Revision 2 (2 months ago)

+1 Sol Ring main
-2 Deny Existence main
+2 Counterspell main
+2 Jace's Sanctum main
+2 Deny Existence main
+4 Crush of Tentacles maybe
+1 Lighthouse Chronologist maybe
-4 Crush of Tentacles maybe

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