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Take one on golgari. set for post-rotation standard.


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Finally added a sideboard. Tossed in two copies of Increasing Savagery for games that tend to drag on, and two more Sever the Bloodline'' to counter decks that don't have many cheap spells (thinking big control here). Against control, I'd probably SB in 2x Sever and 2x Savagery in place of 3x [[Abrupt Decay and 1x Rancor.

Desecration Demon was included for a few matchups. It's again ideal against control, and would replace the Primordial Hydras there; I love the Hydra, but control can take care of the Hydra too easily. The Demon, meanwhile, has better odds of getting a big swing off or at least taking out a couple chumps for me. The Demon is particularly nasty against midrange decks (particularly jund, that wants to rely on Bonfire of the Damned, which would have a harder time putting away a 6-toughness creature).

Crushing Vines is included to counter decks with heavy focus on fliers (especially if they're using something like Rakdos), but also to nuke artifacts. The big concern here is Grafdigger's Cage, which can flub up this deck's plan pretty significantly. Abrupt Decay hits those decks pretty hard, but the Vines certainly help. I also put another copy of Abrupt Decay into the SB for this same reason. Against something like Delver or a really aggro deck featuring fliers (so, nine times out of ten, Delver), I'd side in three Crushing Vines in place of 1x Increasing Savagery and 2x Sever the Bloodline. If I thought I needed it, I'd also throw in the fourth Abrupt Decay in place of a Rancor.

Finally, Deathrite Shaman is good against a couple of matchups. It hurts anything heavy on Snapcaster mages, which means it also targets Delver, it does well in matchups against other decks using the grave, it provides extra damage and extra life, and it's just a generally amazing multitool. If I want a little more consistency against decks that can pump out damage pretty fast, I'll probably swap this guy in for the Gravecrawlers (they're great, but not being able to block sucks).


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