A mono green deck for buffing creatures with counters. If you have ideas on how to improve it, let me know.If you like this deck, please +1 up-vote.


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Added Gravity Well to the sideboard with the Longshot Squad that I moved, since you only NEED reach if there are several flying creatures. Otherwise, just pound your opponent into the ground. I used the room made from moving longshot squad in order to move Avatar of the Resolute back in. I also moved Tuskguard Captain to the sideboard, as about half of the creatures already have trample or can break through easily. I used this room to add in Karametra's Acolyte to help with mana ramp, as it's like a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx but not as expensive to buy and it's a creature. Moved in Managorger Hydra in exchange for mabeyboarding the Servant of the Scales, as their ability is provided by Death's Presence, but for everything.


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