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Counter burn : Guttersnipe is back

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Ultra budget Counter Burn

Guttersnipe is back in standard, so time to abuse of instant/sorcery. What else is good with that? Enigma Drake , of course. The rest of the deck is just counterspells, burn spells, and draw/setuping next turns.

Red aggro and Red/black aggro are quite popular in the standard environnement right now. Omenspeaker is a great 2-drop blocker that let us scry 2. Perfect to plan the next turns. There's not much creatures other than that, Guttersnipe and Enigma Drake . To deal with other low cost creatures, Magma Spray and Lightning Strike will do the job. Save the Essence Scatter for bigger creatures that won't die by 3 damages.

Opt is just a can trip that will deals 2 damages with Guttersnipe and boost the power of Enigma Drake . Can be used turn 1, if you are short on lands or later in game to be more effective.

Nice play : Guttersnipe out, playing Insult then Opt . Deals a total of 6 damages. If you play another Opt , 10 damages. Can be done turn 4 or 5.

Also, you always should keep a counterspell in your hand to protect your creatures. You don't have much of them, so cherish them. If you play against white, Settle the Wreckage is just awkward to exile 1 creature.

So yea. Counter, burn, control. Keep the board clear, draw and grind damages spell after spell.

Feel free to make suggestion, feedback and/or (+1). Thx


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