Mono-black zombie lord deck. Fairly basic. Not a whole lot to explain.

Gempalm Polluter has insane synergy with this deck. It's often my win condition, when aggro isn't enough. Between the damage & drawpower, I consider it a staple. Lord of the Undead , and Ghoulcaller's Chant are close friends to it.

...Speaking of Unearth , notice the mana curve? It took me a week 'r two before that fully sunk in.

The Phyrexian Crusaders are in mainly because Red & White are rampant in the crowd I play Magic with. It's a "low-down-dirty-rotten-stinkin'-trick", and I adore it.

My mana is what it is. I'd prefer not to hear "not enough mana". I have a physical copy of this deck, and have yet to have mana issue when using 18 Swamps. The Lake of the Dead is a promising experiment. Suggestions of alternative cards, such as Cabal Coffers, to swap my swamps out for are welcome.

Working on a sideboard. Suggestions welcome for both boards. Upvotes appreciated.


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