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This deck is all about the counters! I want to pump my creatures to levels where its too late for my opponent to stop them. Counterbuilding makes for a slow deck though, so my key player here is going to be a Corpsejack Menace, who will help speed up a slow deck, hopefully netting me wins in the mid game and overwhelming my opponent before he has a chance to remove my beasts from battle.

The two creatures I would like to focus my deck around is Predator Ooze and Corpsejack Menace. The goal is to get ooze on the field as quickly as possible and hopefully a corspejack soon thereafter. At this point my oozes can reach overwhelming power and toughness in a matter of a few turns, and hopefully cripple my opponent. I like the fact that predator ooze is indestructible, so this helps his longevity against a sizable portion of removal spells.

Besides my Arbor Elf every other creature takes advantage of counters. Most are self generating!

3 Arbor Elf for that much needed forest mana ramp to get the predator ooze out. Slitherhead is great early defense for the first couple turns, and its scavenge ability makes it useful later on when I want to pile on some counters. Strangleroot Geist fills in my two spot for creatures and helps buy me time to prolong the deck into the middle game, getting two blockers in succession. Hell, even a middle game strangleroot is going to be worth something as a 4/3 thanks to undying.

Desecration Demon gives me at least a little bit of flying protection, and its counter mechanic is really going to stress the hell out of my opponent. They can tap it as many times as they want, Essence Harvest will wake the demon.

I also threw in a pair of Primordial Hydras, and if my opponent allows the game to go too long, this would become something of a "win" card. If I know my opponent has a fair amount of removal cards, I may keep primordial in my hand until I had an Alpha Authority to play along side it (or vice versa). This combo could take a while to pull off, but once i have the hydra on the field with hexproof, I figure there isnt anything my opponent can do to stop it.

Essence Harvest is such an amazing card IMO. Something like this could just end the game out of the blue if I have a double digit creature out on the field.

Jarad's Orders could help me pick up a a vital creature card faster, (and who else but Slitherhead to sacrifice?). Because my deck really shines with corpsejack and ooze, I want to find both as soon as i can.

Rancor on Predator Ooze will prevent opponent from throwing chump blockers every turn and trying to postpone damage. This card is going to end games quick.

Thanks to advice in the comments section i added a pair of Bioshift. This cards provides so much practicality to my deck I just cant refuse.

(SIDEBOARD) Sheltering Words I really like in this deck because an instant hexproof is going to save a life, and chances are its going to have substantial toughness due to counters, so the life gain is a sweet bonus.

SIDEBOARD:What my deck lacks is removal and counter-removal. Sideboard mainly consists of ways to save my creatures from a remove heavy deck, or to add in my own removal if needed.

This is really the first deck I've ever built on my own (Just a couple months into magic!). I would appreciate any advice people would give on making this deck stronger! Especially the side board as I'm not particular sure what to do with that. Thank you


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So I've decided to drop this deck because it wasn't doing as well as I had hoped. I realized that while all my creatures had amazing synergy with corpsejack, they didn't have synergy with one another. One creature is too little to bank a strategy on.

I fell in love with the predator ooze however, and after a bit of netdeck searching to see what I could do with the ooze, lo and behold hall of famer Brian Kibler built a g/w aggro deck around the ooze. And its awesome, and I had most of the cards already. Thank you Brian. I'm still going to sneak in a corpsejack and a primordial hydra though. I love both those cards too much.

I appreciate all of the advice given to me with this deck. You guys were really helpful, thank you

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