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Teyo is super cute, okay? (WAR Standard)

Standard* Competitive Control WUB (Esper)




  • Teyo, the Shieldmage is noticeably underwhelming card at first. However, in a control deck wherein you have long games till you get you one or two threats to hit for lethal, he's phenomenal. He shuts down both aggro/burn and other control decks, running Thought Erasure (in which I've become aware is a common card in the meta).
  • After dropping some dough on my mana base, I'm basically at my max budget (thank the divines I pulled Kefnet during some victory packs at the pre-release).
To formally begin, Teyo is super cute ;) and I want him to replace Gideon in the story. I'm hoping that's what is alluded to at the end of the War of the Spark novel, but I've yet to finish it.

Anyhow, my second favorite colors to use in a deck is Esper, right after mono blue. Most decks I brew in any deck start from a card in that color trio, then I naturally just build around it with the other colors. So when I decided I wanted to try out Standard again, I found out Chromium, the Mutable existed. This dragon screams cruel control. While this deck can grind out a win in with other cards (painfully slowly), the primary goal of this deck will be to punch your opponent in the face with Chromium.

Be warned to anyone who has not played Esper cruel control before: you essentially have to be a sadist, and be okay with people hating you. I mean, you are essentially stopping your opponent from playing the game.

"Esper is an expansive canvas painted by precise, controlling hands.."

The strategy for this deck is to control the board, cast Chromium, and hit your opponent in the face with him until they die. Protection of Chromium is also top priority. The phases are as follows:

  1. Survive until you have mana for
  2. Cast Chromium, the Mutable
  3. Survive until Chromium, the Mutable beats your opponent to death.

Keep in mind, this is a rather BUDGETED deck!

Step 1 is the most tricky. This is when you are most vulnerable, as you have to ensure you are controlling the boardstate (as to not, you know, DIE) and keep your card advantage. We have many answers for this:

  • Permanent Removal: The bulk of the deck consists of nonland permanent removal spells. Since you will spend most of the game with without many nonland permanents, this is key to staying alive. A few highlights: Mortify , Enter the God-Eternals , and The Eldest Reborn . Detection Tower is available to help face foreseen threats like Carnage Tyrant .
  • Counters: Necessary in any control deck, I have a few hard counters to rid things with no questions asked. I've mainboarded Absorb and Dovin's Veto (a strictly better negate), and then sideboarded Essence Scatter for aggro decks.
  • Card Draw: Ensuring you have access to the main wincon and keeping your hand stocked is crucial to success. An entire playset of Chemister's Insight is the primary card advantage engine (which I was advised is amazing, and in playtesting I wholeheartedly agree) Additionally, I have Mastermind's Acquisition to ensure I draw Chromium and The Mirari Conjecture to reuse my spent control cards.
Step 2 is the easiest. Since Chromium, the Mutable has flash, can't be countered, and an ability to protect himself, you can sneak your wincon on the field and feel pretty good about him staying there. In order to find him for casting, I have included Mastermind's Acquisition .
Step 3 is incredibly similiar to Step 1. However, I'm not going to relist cards. A couple additional defenses is the cutie Teyo, the Shieldmage , life gain from Revitalize , and all the value from Enter the God-Eternals .
  • Narset, Parter of Veils : Not on this list, because I have struggled with mana fixing just a bit too much, and her ability hinders that. I replaced her with Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor who has worked so much better.

  • NO WRATHS: An Esper cruel control deck? With no wraths?? You bet. I found far far too often that the wraths I drew were after Chromium, the Mutable was on the field. As a result, they were dead cards cause I cannot kill my wincon. However, this decision was made before I added a second copy of Chromium, so there is the potential for Kaya's Wrath finding a spot on the mainboard.
  • May your defenses be adequate to protect you! Suggestions and plus +1's are appreciated!


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    Plenty of updates to warrant another version! A few of the highlights:

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