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#2 in tournament @ Manawerx — March 22, 2013

Just got home from FNM, had another amazing night to follow my last week's success. Going home with another 12 packs is always fun.

Match 1 - Opponent: Prime Speaker Bant Midrange: 2-1

Round 1 double Intangible Virtue with 2 spirit tokens + a Vampire Nighthawk putting him on a clock and finishing it with Rally the Peasants

Round 2 it looked like his deck ran 10 copies of Restoration Angel and Thragtusk, I think he swung for the kill with 2 thrags, 2 resto's, 2 beast tokens, 1 avacyn's pilgrim and a Rhox Faithmender, as if his life total of 30something wasn't enough at this point.

Round 3 came down to the wire, again Rally the Peasants stealing the game for me, in combination with an Assemble the Legion that was getting out of control. He used Feeling of Dread flashback when I declared attack step to tap 2 of my 5 legion tokens, my 3 that were coming in had a Sorin, Lord of Innistrad token and a single Intangible Virtue so they were 3/2's, I responded to his non-existing blockers block step with a Rally the Peasants + flashback for 15 damage

Match 2 - Naya Blitz: 2-0

Round 1 Cartel Aristocrat + Blood Artist + nonstop stream of chump blockers from Lingering Souls + Blind Obedience grinded him to dead.

Round 2 probably the funniest round of the whole night. I offered the deck cut before pulling 7 cards, being silly he picked half my deck up and pulled one card to the top of my deck. I pulled it off and put it face down on the table saying it was going to be the best card in my deck. Pulled the remaining 6 cards and kept, looked at the 7th and laughed...and laughed. He pulled the single and only copy of Blasphemous Act to the top of my deck. Him on the play, turn one unleashed Rakdos Cackler, I play land and ship, he plays land and another cackler unleashed then plays Legion Loyalist (seems pretty good against tokens), swings for 3. I play land and Blood Artist and ship it, he plays land another Legion Loyalist and swings for 6, I play land and Lingering Souls and ship. He plays Ash Zealot, swings for 8. My turn, land, (laughing as I play it and remind him of his cutting abilities) blasphemous act for 1 mana, he loses 8 life, I gain 8 putting me back to 11 health, him to 12 (blood artist triggers). We both got some laughs out of that, but they ended when I used my remaining mana to flashback Lingering Souls and pass. He played Flinthoof Boar gave it haste and swung for 3, My turn I played Hellrider and swung for 8 and passed. Him at 4 now, he burns my hellrider with Searing Spear and passed. I revealed another hellrider and he scooped. Really fun games

Match 3 - American Midrange: 2-0

Round 1 held his Geist of Saint Traft at bay with 2 tokens supported with Intangible Virtue because I could double block, I hit him with Slaughter Games naming Azorius Charm and got the intel on his deck and hand so I was able to play around his Izzet Charm counter magic which he had 2 of in his hand, I grinded him for 4 damage a turn until he was dead with my 2 tokens.

Round 2 was alot of the same, I just traded and grinded away until turn 6-7 when he played thundermaw and swung in after tapping my vigilance fliers down, hit me for 11 damage, I took it and cast Beckon Apparition twice at the end of his turn burning 2 counterspells from his graveyard putting me to 4 tokens on the field with Intangible Virtue next turn, he was tapped out, so I cast Rally the Peasants and flashed it back for 4/0+4/0+4/0+4/0 on all of my 2/2 tokens. I hear that wins games.

Match 4 - Reanimator: 1-2

My only loss of the night, and my hardest matchup for this deck.

Round 1 I took this round very quickly, he got land screwed and I took further advantage by Dreadbore on his dorks. Overhead for 4 each turn seems to work good for me.

Round 2 After sideboard, he drew the nut draws and even after Slaughter Games on his Unburial Rites he hardcast Angel of Serenity and I never recovered.

Round 3 On the play, mulling to 5, incredibly slow start and hand, when he does turn 2 Mulch to hit 3 land, and turn 3 Grisly Salvage to pull Rhox Faithmender I couldn't get his life total to go down after Centaur Healer, Thragtusk and Restoration Angel kept hitting the board.

Match 5 - Esper mill: 2-0

I feel bad, because I dreamcrushed this very same guy last week at FNM and the box tournament the next day as well...and proceeded to do the same tonight. He doesn't like my deck very much lol. Really cool guy and fun to play against though.

Round 1 - 2 virtues and Assemble the Legion after burning his counterspells and removal out, after a few Feeling of Dread, he finally died. The people around me were amazed to see that I main decked Slaughter Games but I named Sphinx's Revelation hitting 3, gathering intel on his counterspells to bait them, and finally dropped my Assemble the Legion in which he responded by saying: "well.......fuck"

Round 2 I boarded in Beckon Apparition to shut down his snapcasters, and Stab Wound is pretty good against Augur of Bolas considering I don't block ground units anyways. This game was funny because he boarded in Illness in the Ranks specifically because of last weekend playing against me and he changed his sideboard. turn 2 I played intangible, he plays illness, I play Blind Obedience and he plays another illness, I responded by playing another Intangible Virtue and as luck would have it, a good 8 turns into the game I dropped Assemble the Legion when I had enough mana to burn his graveyard counterspell targets from Snapcaster Mage, he just shook his head and died a few turns later.

Match 6 - Intentional Draw.

Match 7 - Reanimator 2-0

Round 1 - intrepidly knowing what my opponent plays, I sat down sad that I faced off against this decktype in top 8, and then smashed on him. He was running a reanimator with infinite lifeloop around Angel of Glory's Rise, Fiend Hunter and Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip. I hit Slaughter Games on Unburial Rites and the game ended shortly after, he hardcast the angel, but it came in tapped from my Blind Obedience, I responded with Midnight Haunting putting 4 tokens on the field. Next turn attack step rally + flash back dead.

Round 2 - Dreadbore, Tragic Slip kept hitting his mana dorks to prevent acceleration and I kept 1 mana open the whole game waiting for him to cast unburial rites, so I could Beckon Apparition it, my 2 tokens with intangible virtue put him on a clock and Rally the Peasants top deck turn 6-7 or so sealed the game.

Had an amazing night playing this deck, it's so fun. We chopped 48 packs and went home.

#3 in tournament @ Manawerx — March 15, 2013


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