This control deck aims to lock the gameboard by attacking with Cephalid Constable and removing opposing lands and other permanents.

Once casted, the Constable will be enchanted with Aether Tunnel for evasion and a higher removal count.

You can get rid of any further opposing creature by using Vedalken Shackles and gaining control of it or sacrificing it with Eldritch Evolution.

If you play Arbor Elf or Noble Hierarch on turn 1 and Cephalid Constable on turn 2, then you might be able to remove opposing permanents on turn 3 onwards.

Any suggestions and notations are very welcome. Please leave an upvote if you like this deck. Thanks!


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Changed from UW to Bant, because the mana dorks let you play Cephalid Constable on turn 2 and you may remove opposing permanents on turn 3 already

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