Hello everyone and welcome to my deck!

Ever since I first saw the Treefolk I knew I had to make a deck dedicated to them. I went with Sapling of Colfenor for my commander because her backstory is really cool, I like the playstyle mix of Black and Green, and she isn't very well known compared to Doran.

I am trying to make it as competitive as possible, while also staying on theme wherever I can. With that said, I am pretty new to the game, so if you have any critiques, criticisms, or questions please comment!


Artwork by Chris Cold

Special Trees

  • Sapling of Colfenor: Not only is she indestructible, but her On-Attack ability allows for a fairly consistent heal, especially with Scry effects. She is also the target of my Sword of the Animist more often than not since I am never afraid to swing with her. All dem forests.
  • Deadwood Treefolk: Great double recursion. The Vanishing is almost never an issue as this is often the target of my Unstoppable Ash. This combo amounts to 4 creature recursions, possibly on the same turn if you chump-block with the Ash while it has summoning sickness.
  • Heartwood Storyteller: Just a fun card to have out in my playgroup. May not be at home in others, but it works well in mine.
  • Leaf-Crowned Elder: Not much better than free-casted Treefolk, on top of a good sized butt.
  • Orchard Warden: Follows up those commander heals with another equivalent heal when that creature gets to the battlefield. Includes free-casted creatures.
  • Seedborn Muse: One of only 4 (including Garruk) non-Treefolk creatures in the deck. Being able to attack with everything without worry of having no blockers or mana for instants on the next turn is a great.
  • Timber Protector: This is the creature I tutor for most often. A strong cast at almost any time. Protects all the treefolk, as well as the Forest lands. With Prismatic Omen out it makes non-basic lands indestructible as well.
  • Tree of Perdition: Fantastic defender, on top of having a great tap ability, especially in EDH. Quite often with Assault Formation on the board you can tap a high health player and on the next turn have a 30+/30+.
  • Unstoppable Ash: On top of the interaction with cards like Deadwood Treefolk, it also buffs every creature that is blocked for +0/+5 so you can swing in just about every instance without worry.
  • Verdeloth the Ancient: Main source of initial Saprolings. Adding this card to fill the void of smaller bodies and chump blockers I didn't really have before.
  • The rest of them.

Just Tree Things

Gimme dem trees...enter image description here

Dark Magic

  • Korozda Guildmage: Sac a Tree of Perdition with a bunch of stolen health is a great combo on a creature that was hard to use for much else outside its tap ability. This regularly gives me a source of 30+ Saprolings.

  • Verdeloth the Ancient: Not a bad source of Saprolings, depending on when it comes out,on top of being a Lieutenent.

What do yew do about ______

  • Sudden Spoiling: This is one hell of a strong card. I usually save this for the biggest attack against me. Not only does it work as an opponent-only Fog, it also removes Flying so that I can block and kill the army I was previously worried about.

  • Gravity Well: This is what I finally settled on to cut down on the number of cards I used to gain reach and destroy flyers.

  • Spidersilk Armor: Little bit of extra defense (or Power too with Assault Formation), plus reach, in a cheap permanent.

  • Tower Defense: This is a card I keep going back and forth with. On one hand it only lasts until end of turn, on the other the +0/+5 (or +5/+5) can really be helpful. Being Instant speed is really what is keeping it in the deck.

Step 1: Be Indestructible myself

Step 2: Bonds of Mortality is a fantastic, and not very well known, card that I get a lot of use out of. The card itself doesn't draw a lot of attention, and I usually put it down earlier than I will need it so that by the time I use its mana ability people have already forgotten about it. Plus it's repeatable!

Step 3: ????

Step 4: Profit!

  • If my spot removal doesn't work, cry?

Thank you for visiting, and let me know what you think!


Updates Add

When I made this deck, I never thought it would be more than a few views. I'm really glad that people seem to enjoy it!

Since the rebuild, this deck has become very fun to play and potentially very punishing when it goes smoothly. It no longer feels wonky, and I think it only needs a little bit more tightening up to make it play really well. I also need practice with it, as it is probably a slightly better deck than I am a player at the moment.

Looking forward to working with the deck more, and getting this page some more attention!

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