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Completely Adequate: Animar, Soul of Elements

Commander / EDH Birthing Pod Infinite Combo Midrange RUG (Temur) Twin Zoo



This shit needs a better name... or maybe not. It gets the job done.

RUG EDH deck. Creatures spells etc. I have been working on this deck for about 2 years now. Probably my best Commander deck. This decks main objective is to put out big stupid dudes and turn them sideways. Ramp into a bunch of mana and throw shit onto the board. Or Birthing Pod your way to incrementally bigger threats. The only major draw back is that there is little interaction. No hard removal other than some ETB effects.

Upgraded recently (1-29-17) I never planned on running infinite combos or anything like that but I figured Splinter Twin is good whether or not I hit the combo. Putting it on anything that has good ETB triggers can be a game changer. Plus just stumbling into the combo occasionally is pretty sweet. It works nicely with Pod and Kiki Jiki too to make the combo more reliable. And here are several ways to cheat things into play. Champion of Rhonas, Vizier of the Menagerie, Myojin of Lifes Web. These all make Kiki a lot easier to achieve.

Another huge fucking update: Switching the commander from Surrak Dragonclaw to Animar, Soul of Elements. I have been thinking about doing it for a long time. Only game play will tell if it was the right move. I will likely be removing all the planeswalkers now that I have made this shift. Yep... thats what I did. Sorry Xenagos.

Album Recommendations

"Sky Burial" and "The Cavern" by Inter Arma. Combining Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom, and Sludge to create something truly awe-inspiring.

"Madvillainy" by Madvillain. MF DOOM side project with Madlib. Just really great fuckin Hip Hop. Short and to the point songs. Well made beats and typical MF DOOM weirdness on the rhymes.

"Daylight EP" by Aesop Rock (no not ASAP ROCKY). BY FAR the best Aesop Rock release. Fantastic stuff.

"Amen", "I am Not What I am", and "When Life Comes to Death" by Young And In The Way. Black Metal/Crust Punk. Savage, Relentless, but with a thick black metal atmosphere. One of my favorite bands.

"You Fail Me", "No Heroes", and "All We Love We Leave Behind" by Converge. Converge is one of those bands that you either love what they do or fucking hate it. I love Converge. Metallic Hardcore and not afraid to push the boundaries of their sound.

"Darker Handcraft" by Trap Them. Metallic Hardcore but with a gritty Grindcore/Crust kind of edge to it. FUCKIN HEAVY!

"Telepathic with the Deceased" by Xasthur(RIP). This is my favorite Xasthur album. Its bleak, remorseful and mixed perfectly. The vocals are buried in the mix and the layers of guitar and keys are a thick fog of distortion that surround you (almost suffocate you). You cannot come away from this album feeling good about anything. Atmospheric Depressive Black Metal one-man band from Oakland, CA.

"The Anthopocene Extinction" by Cattle Decapitation. Californian Death/Grind. This album took me a few listens to really get into but now I cannot stop listening to this! Its almost more prog than grind. The songs are very intricate and meticulously written. The vocal performance is BY FAR the best Travis Ryan has ever done. The harsh melodic vocal parts are haunting and the melodies get stuck in my head for days!! The guitar work and tone are insane. This album cannot be clearly classified as any genre. Its unlike anything else out there. The only thing that comes close at all is Cephalic Carnage's "Mislead by Certainty" but that still doesn't come close to how heavy and how over the top this Cattle Decap album is. It makes every other release they have put out before it look like shit, and that's really saying something. "The Harvest Floor" and "Monolith of Inhumanity" are both in this same vein as "The Anthopocene Extinction" but they aren't a 10th as good.


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ZendikariWol says... #1

I don't have many critiques on the deck, though this isn't how I run Animar.

I am, however, here to help you on the name. If you're going for apt, Animar, Soul of Midrange would be a good one. Something more snarky would be I Get it Cheaper, Big 'n Thicc, I Paid for it, and so on.

December 15, 2017 3:56 p.m.

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