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*COMPETITIVE* Esper Second Sun

Standard Control W/U/B (Esper)




Hey everyone, as a religious control player I can tell you I am really excited for this standard block. With the amount of removal we have from single target Grasp of Darkness / Fatal Push to mass removal Fumigate / Flaying Tendrils , control has a huge presence. Win conditions are normally the name of the game with magic, unless you remember the winless condition azorious control back in the day in theros, and with this deck there is one very crazy win condition that can win turn 9. Approach of the Second Sun is our win condition. Basically, the deck runs counter spells, such as Disallow / Void Shatter / Censor , removal, like stated above, and card draw. Glimmer of Genius has always been a good card, but with the addition of Pull from Tomorrow , this deck can draw into its combo and then redraw into in in a quick two turn sequence. Now this deck is of course still in testing, and may be updated accordingly, but until then enjoy the deck and let me know what you think.


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