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This is a Tier List I made for Competitive EDH (CEDH) play, so it will only go to Tier 2. Anything lower than Tier 2 will most likely not see play in a CEDH pod. Most of these decks are built with no budget, to be played in a 3-4 person pod, and to be as cutthroat as possible. If you would like to join the discussion, feel free to post here, subscribe to the subreddit which you can find here: www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveEDH/

Or you can also join the the Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/w4R6atJ

NOTE: The decks in each tier are in no particular order, they are just alphabetized.

  • Ancestral Animar: This deck is really close to making the tier 2 cut, but has several issues right now. First the cost to cast him csn make him come down late which can make it to slow compared to other fragile combo decks. On top of that, he has a lot of issues f he gets behind and has a hard time recovering.
  • Arcum Dagsson: After the mulligan change this deck fell pretty far behind. However, with the release of Paradox Engine this deck has potential to move back up to Tier 2. There is already people brewing this deck, but it will require testing before it is actually added to the list.
  • Scion Druid: So 5c Druid has mostly been replaced with Thrasios, Triton Hero 4c decks. He may still be worth building and can make it to Tier 2, but there isn't any up to date decklists or people playing it.
  • Sliver Engine: Is a deck still be worked on and tuned by Garta that has potential to be Tier 2. It's already really close to making the cut, but needs more playtesting and tuning.
  • Sram Cheerios: Is a deck currently being worked on by Garta, but the Commander was just recently spoiled in Aether Revolt so the deck is still in it's testing phases. This deck has a lot of potential to be Tier 2 with more playtesting and tuning.


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