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*Competitive* Azorius Crusher (Taking Suggestions)

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Hey everyone, just thought before people scoffed at this deck and stopped looking I figured I would explain the method to my madness.
Win Cons:
Obviously, Approach of the Second Sun is a win con, but not traditionally to be fair. In the play testing I have done, it actually just gave us the life we needed for our next win con, Crush of Tentacles. I know what you may be thinking, how does he cast it? As Foretold is one of those enchantments that will sit there and gain counters all day and gain you card advantage, counter spells when the opponent will forget, and then Torrential Gearhulk for free into Glimmer of Genius, into Crush of Tentacles (I have done this three times in 12 games so it happens).
Yeah, so this deck doesn't run the staple Fatal Push because there is no black. It does have to work for its removal. But, Immolating Glare proves to be quite effective vs. Mardu Vehicles and any aggro deck, counter magic is really good this format with spells like Disallow, Void Shatter , Censor, Essence Scatter. Also I have found Part the Waterveil in two straight games against U/B Zombies to be really good at keeping their zombies from coming back into play. And the Awoken cost can be a separate win con vs. control match-ups.
The Land Base:
Pretty basic, but you may be looking oddly at the one copy of Westvale Abbey  Flip in the deck and wondering. To be honest, I threw this in there to meme opponents. Turns out I played against a similar opponent who ran almost no win con and I just flipped Abbey and won the game. I think with this easy mana base its just an auto include it you can put it in.
Pretty basic as well, fill out play sets of cards where needed. (Ex. Void Shatter is prioritized over Negate and sometimes Disallow vs Zombies). Also, against Vehicles, side in your Immolating Glare + Negate to just win. And the one copy of Commit / Memory is against some grindy control match-ups for when you need to draw all game and you discard to then just cycle it up again. Also in control match-ups Sphinx of the Final Word is an auto side in. It just wins games... every time. Recently, Thing in the Ice  Flip has won me multiple games against aggro decks, in which at times I just side out my Approach of the Second Sun, in some cases Baral, Chief of Compliance, a Negate (depending on what type of aggro deck), and/or both Part the Waterveil, as we become a much more aggressive deck once Thing in the Ice  Flip comes into play.

This deck did very well against all tier 1 decks, including zombies as it just stalled until a massive crush and forced them to hard cast Prized Amalgam (lol). Against Vehicles G1 is 50/50 dependent on your Immolating Glare draws, but G2 is basically a landslide in your favor. For now, those are all the decks I tend to face, let me know what I need to tune with it and give me your suggestions. Thank you.

Been playing this deck for about a week and its win percentage is now over 70. This deck makes people want to not play magic anymore and I love it.


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