Have you been looking for a new fun, competitive standard deck? Tired of Mardu Vehicles and Humans OWNING your FNMs? Then look no further!

Rakdos Control:

I am working on a fun COMPETITIVE brew for this AKH standard season. I have never been one to enjoy meta-shaping net decks. I have no issues with net-decks however, and believe they are a necessary evil in order to create a meta. Naturally, at the moment, the deck we need to beat is Mardu Vehicles. I have been play testing this list a lot (which originally started as Mono-Black) and now have a pretty good idea of its power level. It's definitely FNM competetive. My goal is to make this GP/PPTQ competetive. Looking for suggestions, recomendations, or to answer questions with people who are working this list on their own. Please +1 Upvote and comment -- and let's shake up standard a little.

About the Deck:

This list is trying to beat the current meta. It's control heavy that outlasts and outdoes your opponent in the long game. At the beginning your plan is to trade 1 for 1 with their small creatures and your removal.FILLING YOUR GRAVEYARD IS OKAY! We want that Graveyard STOCKED for some flashback with Goblin Dark-Dwellers and reanimation with Liliana, Death's Majesty.Mindwrack Demon is a POWERHOUSE right now in Standard as he outfights and outlives so many staple creatures and removal (Archangel Avacyn  , Heart of Kiran, Grasp of Darkness, Glorybringer. etc.). You should never have a problem hitting delirium (largely in part to Noxious Gearhulk counting as 2 types) and he sets up your Graveyard for Goblin Dark-Dwellers as mentioned earlier. Liliana, the Last Hope is just TOO good to not be played. She does so much work. She speaks for herself.

Where I need Help:

I am looking for ideas on mana-base optimization (although it's not currently bad). I want to know if there are any value-lands that I should be playing. Similarly, I LOVE surprise, forgotten by most, creatures. If anyone has any thoughts on obscure secret tech it is GREATLY appreciated and worth letting me know! Thanks!


05/19/2017: Updated the list a little bit. Worked the mana base around a bit - particularly with the mountains/swamps split. Took your suggestions to heart and through testing, found a good middle ground.

05/20/2017: After FNM, decided to give 1x Glorybringer a chance in the MB because he's a good surprise removal (especially for Gideon, Ally of Zendikar) with a body and recurring him from the graveyard (when need be) is also appealing. If your meta is swamped (pun intended) with Zombies or even Humans then you should probably play an extra 1x Sweltering Suns in his place.


05/19/2017: 4-1 FNM, Barrie, ON - Lost to Temur Marvel (Turn 4 Ulamog games 1 and 3). Sadboys.

05/20/2017: 5-0 Gameday, Barrie, ON - We made it!


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