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Commander: Stonebrow, Krosan Hero

Commander / EDH*


In this build, I really tried to make Stonebrow, Krosan Hero an integral part of my strategy. Almost all of creatures have trample and the general game plan is (1) play creatures (2) attack.

At the moment, here are the deck's all-stars:

Spawnwrithe: a few clean attacks with Stonebrow and you're dealing a lot of damage.

Chain Reaction: It really feels like a red Wrath of God. I almost always wipe the board clean.

Vigor: This guy allows you to just get into combat with out fear. Also, it's ridiculous when you cast Chain Reaction or Inferno

Sarkhan Vol: Love the 2nd ability. Having a repeatable Act of Treason effect is amazing.

Of course there are the staple cards that go without mention. Happy Gaming!


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I tightened up the deck list. Got the lands to where they should be (added in new duels and took out some come into play tapped lands). Added a few newer trample creatures as well.

This deck is super fun to play and the pro-red // red-damage sub-theme is still great!


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