This is my entry deck to EDH. So yea, I guess.

Angel Tribal

As this is an Angel Tribal deck, this deck's mean focus is Angels. There are some cards that reward you from playing a certain creature type (ie. Angels in my case):

And how do I get Angels out onto the board?


The other main theme, apart from Angel tribal, is Lifegain and there are a few cards that give you a reward for gaining life each turn. Here they are:

Now, we must gain the life! How do we do that?

  • Lyra Dawnbringer gives all my Angels +1/+1, and, most importantly, Lifelink.

  • Angelic Skirmisher is an extremely good card for when Lyra is not around. She can also give creatures Lifelink, and if that is not needed, then she can give either First Strike or Vigilance.

  • Swords to Plowshares can give me life, but I'd rather use it on an opponent's creatures.

  • One of Primal Command's modes is to give 7 life.

Go Wide

Another main strategy is to produce lots of Angel tokens and "Go Wide". So what are our payoff cards?

So how do we get so many Angels?

I based my manabase off of the Prof's Two-color Manabase guide but made some changes in order to fit the deck.

Right now, I have Sigarda, Host of Herons as my default commander. However, if I need to, I have a few other different commanders if I want to change things up. Here is my list of all other possible commanders for this deck, in my deck.

  • Spike Feeder can go infinte with Archangel of Thune, but I haven't put it in the deck yet as I don't know if it really would work.

  • Moat might be useful as most of the guys I want to attack with have flying.

  • Copperhorn Scout gives psudo-vigilance.

  • Both Linvalas I am still thinking about.

I would like to say a big huge thanks to all the people who helped me make this deck


Updates Add

I have found some rulings which states that Ixalan's Binding doesn't work on commanders as much as I wanted. Also, I think the Ajani Unyielding is good alongside Vivien Reid , so I've added him in. I'm also wanting to put in Vedalken Orrery , so if you have any suggestions on what to take out, please tell me. Thanks


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