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Comicazi Tavern Draft - 2019/08/12 - B/G Regisaur

Limited* BG (Golgari)



I feel like I got really lucky with my picks in this draft. Rotting Regisaur AND Dread Presence AND 2x Murder AND 3x Audacious Thief ? Unfortunately I got a little creature crazy and in the process neglected having enough tricks. I should have taken a couple more pump spells, and shitcanned the following:

I would have liked to have had a Soul Salvage because bringing out Rotting Regisaur , I ended up discarding a few more Audacious Thief than I would have liked.

That being said I went 2-0 for matches and:

  • 2-1 vs. Mono blue?
  • 1-2 vs. All the colors but predominantly black with lots of artifacts
  • 2-1 vs. U/W Flyers

I lost the second match entirely from a single mistake.

I had the chance to play Unholy Indenture on Dread Presence , didn't, attacked with it, and forgot to calculate that it would die. That single careless mistake cost me the game. My opponent came back from 1 life to kill me, but the truth is I let myself lose when I did not make that play.

There are a few other things I would have done differently.

A small notepad would have helped remind me of card rules. Forgetting the first couple times to discard with my Regisaur made me discard my hand entirely in exchange, pissing off my opponent. I was not doing it deliberately, I simply was overwhelmed by keeping track of it, never having played that card before. I more than made up for it by discarding my hand (of two cards).

The trick with playing Regisaur is to have either 1) No cards in your hand (usually not optimal) OR 2) Soul Salvage or other graveyard tricks, which can be hard to come by in draft.

Things I did well:

  • Turn 1 Sedge Scorpion in a handful of games really helped get things started. Great one drop, even though it's not as good as Vampire of the Dire Moon , which I didn't draft.
  • Shared Summons to search out Dread Presence and Regisaur. In one instance I had Regisaur in play so when I got Shared Summons I ended up getting a Healer to discard my next turn.
  • Wolfrider's Saddle is a solid card and helped keep up momentum with the +1 when the token dies and you re-equip it, although it was a little slow for this deck.
  • Sacrificing a Leafkin Druid or Sanitarium Skeleton with Bones Splinters was good removal, as was, of course, two Murder but there were games where I never drew it.
  • Laying out my mana curve while drafting helped a lot.

Overall I felt really good about this draft and can't wait til next time! I'm going to take a little more time making decisions and keep track of the number of creatures vs. non-creatures when I draft next time.


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