A combo Prossh deck. The main idea is to combo out with Prossh and Food Chain. And then somehow add damage as well. Usually Purphoros would be my go to. Mike and Triskelion is in here as well as aggro for back up seeing how you are relying on one card to win. I did make an interesting choice. I'm using Teferi's as a deck cycle to find my pieces faster on top of tutors.

Weaknesses Show

Disruption. Plain and simple. Any destroy of the part before Prossh resolves. Or any part before the last piece comes in. Any counter ability or hard counter, if you do not have The Cheat to help.

The basic idea/ mana combo Show

In case you are unaware of how it works. You have Food Chain and Prossh then another sac for mana option, we have 3 in the entire deck. Seeing how the Tokens have no cmc, Food Chain won't work. For infinite mana as you keep recasting Prossh, sac to Food Chain and the Tokens to any other combination of add mana. Rinse and repeat until satisfied.
  • Thermopod-The most expensive in cmc sitting at 5 overall, . But, it is a sac for 1 on a stick
  • Ashnod's Altar-A staple in almost every sac for mana options gaining per creature, probably the best in the deck and most used
  • Phyrexian Altar-The most expensive on the list monetarily. When sacced you gain 1 of any color.

Damage for the basic idea Show

  1. Purphoros-The best option. For the continuing sac goes undistrupted and it deals 2 damage globally to all opponents and it's indestructible.
  2. Impact Tremors-The second best option. Much like the above Purphoros only it is 1 damage globally less and not indestructible.
  3. Goblin Bombardment-The third option. You have to disrupt the infinite sac switching between mana and damage off the Tokens creating more priority points off the trigger also, sadly, not indestructible.
  4. Sharpshooter-The fourth option. Many triggers to respond to. No you do not have to disrupt the sac but, with how many triggers it easily gives priority too much. It is easily the most disruptable.

Synergies and other win cons Show

  • The Cheat- The best way to stop any hard counter allowing you to cheat in all of your pieces or other spells.
  • Atarka-Giving Prossh double strike and Rogue's Passage for unblockable makes Prossh a two turn aggro killer for one person. If everything should fall apart
  • Craterhoof-with the infinite mana combo or just a real big hard cast of Prossh makes many Tokens. Letting a hoard kill table.
  • Any double token- And here we have 3 options. Doubling Season, Parallel Lives, and Primal Vigor. Here, in this aspect, not having in the deck hurts but, in we still have these easier options. And with this we can add more damage and or mana to the cause.

Turn two or just to kill off the table combo. Show

Tooth and Nail. It is only in here to fetch one combo Mike and Triskelion. Like many other decks. I will now explain how to turn two it.

Start with 2 Forests or non-enter the battlefield tapped able to tap for Forest lands (I. E. The pains or shock lands), Monolith, Vault, Sol Ring and Tooth and Nail in hand.

Turn 1: Forest or land to for 1, for Sol Ring, for Monolith. Pass turn.

Turn 2: , draw (It doesn't matter what you draw), Forest or land to for 1, Sol Ring for Vault, out play Tooth and Nail with entwine cost. Pull Mike and Triskelion. Kill table.

The only way this doesn't work is if you counter Tooth and Nail. Everything else is triggered ability. YOU HAVE TO COUNTER THE SPELL! If it resolves from stack you win. Which is where The Cheat can come in handy.



Tristanraid says... #1

I play tested a few times. Prossh comes out at a decent pace. I might suggest Vexing Shusher to avoid your Food Chain from being countered. I have a rule. When playing any 3 colour deck, dont include many double or triple colour casting cost cards unless you are sure you can cheat them out successfully. The Shusher will help a lot with that. If you'd like to check my Prossh deck out it may give you an idea how im using him to truly combo.

December 7, 2017 12:12 a.m.

Enkou666 says... #2

Tristanraid I like yours. Works very similar to mine. I mean. It is Prossh combo so it is hard to vary lolz. But, I will say Vexing Shusher Didn't even occur to me! I appreciate the opinion and will swiftly find one and make room for it! I love being able to cheat things in and that just never occurred to me. Thanks!

December 7, 2017 12:23 a.m.

Tristanraid says... #3

You're welcome

December 7, 2017 5:07 p.m.

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