A combo Proshh deck. The main idea is too combo out with Prossh and Food Chain. And then add some how to make damage as well. Usually Purphoros would be my go too. However there are other cards to do this. Mike and Trike is in here as well as aggro for back up seeing how you are relying on one card to win. I did make an interesting choice. I'm using Teferi's as a deck cycle to find my pieces faster on top of tutors. There is a turn 2 infinite combo in here. This is the break down:

Start with 2 Forests or non-ebter the battlefield tapped able to tap for Forest, Grim Monolith, Mana Vault, Sol Ring and Tooth and Nail in your hand. Turn 1: Forest or land to tap for Forest, tap for Sol Ring, tap for Monolith. Pass turn. Turn 2: Untap, draw (It doesn't matter what you draw), Forest or land to tap for Forest, tap Sol Ring for Mana Vault, tap out play Tooth and Nail with entwine cost. Pull Mike and Trike. Kill table.

The only way this doesn't work is if you counter Tooth and Nail. Everything else is triggered ability. YOU HAVE TOO COUNTER THE SPELL! If Tooth and Nail resolves from stack you win.



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