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Combo-Cades: The Wallmaster | EDH

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The watchful eye of Arcades looms over his legions of bricks and mortar.

This is my Combo build of Arcades, the Strategist - based on the build by Pufflex, ChocoDude and Benjameenbear in the MTGNexus Forums.

Arcades is a pretty straightforward commander, lacking the symmetry of Doran, the Siege Tower and replacing it with a nice cantrip effect and a one-sided beatdown option in the right build. We can use this! By jamming the deck full of defenders the cantrip becomes immensely powerful at the same time as our boardstate growing and being extremely defensive. This basically covers creature based attacking all by itself, and our opponents will think twice before smashing into our walls. On the other hand, with Arcades in play our walls become giant beatsticks of which to whack our opponents with! This is fantastic as our highly defensive board state can swap to a highly aggressive one quickly, meaning we commonly have the upperhand when it comes to lifepoint-based politics.

However, this build is far more than any commonplace "wall turn sideways Tower Defense you go to 16" build, there is a heavy combo strategy utilising infinite mana and the many flicker effects of Bant colours in order to draw out your entire deck using Arcades or Wall of Blossoms or any other cantrip walls and win with a game ending Shaman of Forgotten Ways or flickering Wall of Lost Thoughts until your opponents are all shredded away.

For example, the deck runs the very powerful combo of Isochron Scepter and Dramatic Reversal in conjunction with an utterly massive amount of mana dorks, as well as Spellseeker and Muddle the Mixture to find the pieces.

Another combo is the fated Aluren + Cloudstone Curio amalgam, allowing you to flicker your creatures at instant speed and finish off games immediately once the pieces are assembled. We run a Wargate , Drift of Phantasms and Enlightened Tutor to grab these choice pieces from our giant pile given you didn't draw them already from the massive card advantage Arcades gives you. Drift of Phantasms is even a defender by itself, which is just straight cash money to me.

Yet another combo is easily fueled by our most powerful mana dork, Axebane Guardian . Able to create absolutely ridiculous amounts of mana extremely quickly for an early rush of walls and then blow the game out by using a High Alert to untap itself and cantrip off infinite Quicksilver Wall bouncing or Wall of Kelp tapping.

What I'm trying to get at here is that there's a lot of ways to go off, the build works well as I own it in paper and it comes out on top commonly. Arcades is also quite sneaky. People expect you to be the little normal wall tribal guy playing casually, so they absolutely are not prepared for you dropping an Intruder Alarm and making infinite W and G mana using a Faeburrow Elder and a Shrieking Drake targeting itself over and over on turn 4.

There is more that this deck can offer, and I'd like to see what everyone thinks, as well as how it can be improved! Help requested to increase consistency and combo potential!


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Dropped Eladamri's Call for a Finale of Devastation as the Finale acts as a win condition and does the same thing as the Call effectively. Might make some combos harder to pull off due to not being able to pull 'CMC heavy' cards right into your hand, but I'll notice this all in playtesting and then make my decision.

-1 Eladamri's Call | +1 Finale of Devastation


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