A Combatrip is my pet name for any card that “Cantrips” whilst giving some sort of Combat oriented advantage to the creature you target; so a Card like Expedite in my deck is the equivalent to someone running a Quicken in their blue control list. Feather, the Redeemed however takes this one step further by allowing us to recycle the draft chaf of Magic and actually getting incremental value- IN BOROS!!

To add more value to my value train; I am going to be reaching DEEPER. I am a longtime fan of the spell Sunforger ; as I just love the flavor of chucking a hammer at your problems; except in this deck I can chuck a hammer at my friends and allies!! The fun interaction between Feather and Sunforger is that I can target Feather with, say, a Magnetic Theft that I just grabbed with sunforger; and get it back at the end of the turn to commit more Thieving shenanigans the next turn AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE! Not only are we drawing a lot of cards in Boros, potentially Ramping in Boros, Tutoring in Boros, and having card advantage in Boros; we are making a bunch of underused cards useful again. Magnetic Theft + Sunforger is a janky and effective combo deserving of their slots.

Other juicy Combos include using removal such as Path to Exile or Oblation on our own Tokens; and we are running the best and most streamlined token producers in Boros: Young Pyromancer , and Monastery Mentor . Janky, yet powerful. Boros Aristocrats anyone?

Another spicy combo that has just been brought to light in Modern Horizons is Land Tax + Tectonic Reformation , giving us a handful of lands to pitch away and draw gas with. If you’re really churning through the deck like we plan to; then Fists of Flame can be another Stormesque finisher for commander damage!

Finally, since the deck is paced to behave like a more controlled burn; we plan to Storm off to win. Wins can include building up a massive amount of life through Aetherflux Reservoir , to Storming off with a mix of Moxen and Paradox Engine , or going face with a Leering Emblem and one shotting someone easily! Some other fun wins come from Sentinel Tower to burn out threats and opponents alike; or just finishing the game by drawing into Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame .

This deck is very much a glass cannon, but also somewhat resilient as you can protect Feather with a large chunk of the deck. Due to our EXTREMELY low curve, we are hoping to be as consistent and focused as possible while still being interactive on board. Enjoy!

*Foiled Cards in this list are just cards I personally own that are foiled. Not highlighting key cards.*

Finally own the whole deck in paper!! :D


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