This is the card-list for the alternative way to play my deck Ancient Energy! This is a fun way to play this deck in games where the opponent is not using a creature deck, making Aethersquall Ancient pretty ineffective.

All feedback would be greatly appreciated!


This is a Metalwork Colossus deck. There are multiple Vehicles (Skysovereign, Consul Flagship, Aethersphere Harvester, and Cultivator's Caravan that lower its mana-cost, as well as multiple non-Vehicle Artifacts including Gonti's Aether Heart and Hedron Archive. Foundry Inspector can also lower its mana cost as well as crew Vehicles. Padeem, Consul of Innovation offers them all some protection as well as card-draw.

The rest of the deck has a slight energy theme. The multiple small-Veldaken creatures can help generate energy as well as to help crew, especially the Aethersphere Harvester. There are four outlets for energy in this deck: Era of Innovation for card draw, Aether Swooper can create Servos that can also help to crew, Aethersphere Harvester's Lifelink (which is essential), and Gonti's Aether Heart for a huge momentum swing! The Servos can also trigger Era of Innovation as well as Gonti's Aether Heart to actually net extra energy.




  • Padeem, Consul of Innovation: Offers Hexproof for all of my Artifacts, including Metalwork Colossus, which makes him extremely valuable. With the Colossus (or any other of the artifacts on the field), this is also going to give extra card draw, which is valuable since this deck is able to play a lot of cards since there is ramp as well as extra turns available to it. He is also an Artificer, synergizing with Era of Innovation .

  • Aether Swooper: Really synergistic card. He is an Artificer, giving Era of Innovation another target. He can make Servos, which can be used to crew the Vehicles or can be used as sacrificial fodder if I want to bring Metalwork Colossus back into my hand. When a Servo enters the field, Gonti's Aether Heart can give the energy right back, as can Era of Innovation (for a mana, of course), meaning that a single Servo can net me 2-energy for the cost of 1-mana. He is also a Flyer, allowing him to get in some early chip damage while creating the Servos.

  • Minister of Inquiries: Seems underwhelming at first, especially when compared to something like Thriving Turtle . However, this is the better 1-drop for this deck since it has 1-power, allowing him to crew. The mill ability has even won me a game before, so its not to be taken too lightly.



  • Skysovereign, Consul Flagship: This card wasn't initially in the deck, but I decided to include it since this deck really lacks any other type of removal. The ability of the Flagship to pick away at PlanesWalkers and Creatures can really help keep the board under control, and makes it easier for Metalwork Colossus to get in for damage. Another huge win-condition in this deck.

  • Aethersphere Harvester: A real work-horse in this deck. There is almost always energy to use to give it Lifelink, and it is easy to crew thanks to all of the small creatures on the field with 1-power. Also helps to cut the cost of Metalwork Colossus while it is not a Creature.

  • Cultivator's Caravan: Helps with mana-ramping, which is nice in this deck given how many cards this deck can play through (again, thanks to the multiple card-draw effects in this deck as well as the ability to take an extra turn). Can become a 5/5 threat as well if I can muster up the power to crew it. Also helps to cut the cost of Metalwork Colossus while it is not a Creature.

Non-Vehicle Artifacts

  • Gonti's Aether Heart: Allows me to generate a ton of energy, which can either be used to exile this card and take an extra turn OR can be used on Era of Innovation for card draw. Taking an extra turn after getting out a Metalwork Colossus or the turn after you play the Metalwork Colossus can really shift the momentum, either allowing me to attack immediately once or getting two-turns in a row to attack with him. This even cuts the cost of Metalwork Colossus by over half of his CMC.

  • Hedron Archive: On top of the obvious 2-mana/turn as well as the card draw, this card also helps to lower the cost of Metalwork Colossus majorly. Being 4-mana to play it lowers the Colossus from 11-->7, and then the Archive can tap to bring it from 7-->5. On top of that, using Janjeet Sentry 's ability to un-tap this target artifact can allow you to tap it again, bringing down the mana cost of the Colossus all the way down from 5-->3. Or, again using Janjeet Sentry , this card can be tapped for 2-mana, then un-tapped using Janjeet, then that 2-mana that was generated can be used to sacrifice the Archive for 2 new cards.



Again, as discussed in the very beginning, the sideboard is being used to help create the Ancient Energy deck-list. However, there are a couple of cards in it worth discussing.

  • Perpetual Timepiece: This card can be used against copious amounts of removal. Just take the card have been removed and put them back into the deck for another chance to play them!

  • Metallic Rebuke: With so many artifacts in this deck, this counter-spell is not terribly difficult to play for 1-mana and can really mess up an opponent's turn.



Sanctum of Ugin. If Metalwork Colossus was hard-casted, you can immediately get another with this land.

June 21, 2017 11:41 a.m.

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