This is an agressive Eldrazi tribal deck, supported by Green ramp. Goreclaw is an awesome commander to lead Eldrazis into battle, since his ability is very similar like Eye of Ugin's ability, and his second ability can add trample to the colorless monsters.

The deck in numbers:

18 extra mana provider
9 card draw
6 creature search
3 non basic land search
12 creature control
7 protective cards to defend Eldrazis

Some synergies:

Cast Conduit of Ruin when Deceiver of Form is on the battleground: Put Pathrazer of Ulamog to the top of your deck and all of your creatures will have Anihillator 3.
Same result with Worldly Tutor.
Cast Tooth and Nail and search for Surrak, the Hunt Caller and Kozilek, Butcher of Truth: Kozilek can attack immediately with Anihillator 4.
Cast Tooth and Nail and search for Surrak, the Hunt Caller and Pathbreaker Ibex: Pathbreaker can attack immediately provided at least +5/+5 to all or your creatures.

Some extra useful cards:

Krosan Restorer: There are 9 lands with with extra ability, and some others can provide 2 mana, so a single tap of Restorer can generate 6 colorless mana.
Belbe's Portal: Any Eldrazi for 3 mana.
Scapeshift: The deck has 19 non basik lands, so it can be a brutal ramp to exchange basic lands to non-basic.



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