Felt like running slow-a$$ Kozilek instead of Hope of Ghirapur. It's been playing out just fine honestly.

Couldn't find a deck quite as optimized, so decide to brew one up of my own.

Rocks, rocks, bodyrocks, rocks, more rocks, and then bigger rocks. A few shenanigans (easy to find without a primer. Metal Worker, Clock of Omens using thopters or similar or even other artifacts that don't need to tap for reusing the monaliths, etc.). Really one of the more fun builds I own. Curve/tempo adjusted as well, so have nice variety of cmc when hand refills for countering the most common counterspells and removal.


It's a given that cards like Grim Monolith or Mishra's Workshop can be very expensive, so here are some alternate ramp artifacts and lands should you want to build this out on a budget. I have run this deck for plenty of games without hitting either of those cards, and it has performed fine. Of course Workshope or Monolith are explosive, but this deck is surprisingly fast with even just the core rocks and artifact creature ramp and discounts it gets. See below for some alternate cards:

Alternate LANDS:

  • Wastes (These can easily replace 10-15 of the lands here, and they are basic lands. I used to use about 8, and have replaced as I came across more useful lands, but they do the job for about $0.15 a pop. This deck is mainly run with glorified wastes. We just need colorless mana. Don't worry if you can't afford a Mishra's Workshop.)
  • Dunes of The Dead
  • Haunted Fengraf

Alternate ARTIFACTS:

  • Grim Monolith (Championship Deck version, if your playgroup allows it.)
  • Ur-Golem's Eye
  • Sisay's Ring
  • Cloud Key


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