The Deck

Collector of Tales? More like Collector of TEARS!!! Watch your opponents cry in agony as you goldfish by yourself with all of that extra turn spell chain. This deck is inspired by the simic nexus deck in standard featuring Tamiyo, Collector of Tales as the oathbreaker and her signature spell Long-Term Plans . Her signature spell synergies really well with her +1 ability which essentially lets me tutor for any spells I need depending on the situation. The goal is to establish control of the board via permissions and timewalk effects to eventually assemble an infinite turns win.

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Notable Synergies

There are also some notable synergies which include the following:

Win Conditions

Infinite turns is the primary win condition with Jace, the Mind Sculptor 's ultimate or God-Eternal Kefnet beats being the main mechanic to end the game officially:

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Updates Add

This is huge and actually may be a great addition to this deck. Updates to come.