Assemble a rag-tag team of rogues, ninjas, pirates, and wizards, then indulge in some Coastal Piracy until your Notorious Throng is ready to strike.

The game plan here is to play an early on-hit draw creature and gain incremental value through combat. Grow your board state, try not to over commit to the battlefield, and keep up counter magic when you can to avoid blowouts if Tetsuko is killed before blocks. Things start to really pick up after landing a Coastal Piracy effect and a token producer like Master of Waves or Mist-Syndicate Naga. The deck wins through combat damage, often with the help of Notorious Throng and/or Quietus Spike.

The deck can be made more competitive by increasing the number of extra tun spells and some cards like Stolen Identity loose value in a creature light meta. My meta is more casual (6-7 range) and so far the deck has held it's own. It's slightly more competitive in 1v1 but it tends to be overlooked in multi-player which can be used to your advantage.

Some interesting play patterns include:

  • Removing counters from Umezawa's Jitte after blocks are declared to pump your attacker (possibly your commander) while still benefiting from Tetsuko's unblockability clause. The same goes for Shapsharer's activated ability.


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