Play tested, and a whole lot of tribal fun. The deck is extremely resilient and can gain huge board presence out of know where with interactions between Aether Vial and Collected Company! The deck focuses on the use of lords like Predatory Sliver, Sinew Sliver, and Sedge Sliver to pump your sliver team over your opponents creatures and with the addition of Galerider Sliver giving your team evasion the deck is super explosive. As far as the rest of the hive we have Diffusion Sliver for protection(also Sedge Sliver doubles as protection with his regeneration), Necrotic Sliver for removal, Manaweft Sliver for ramp with an additional Gemhide Sliver for consistancy. Also we have Blur Sliver for speed, and Syphon Sliver for lifegain. The deck also has some powerful interactions that can lead to big plays. For example:

Turn 1: any land into Aether Vial.

Turn 2: Overgrown Tomb into Predatory Sliver(Aether Vial on 1) vial in Galerider Sliver

Turn 3: Sliver Hive (Aether Vial on 2) pass turn

Opponents turn: vial in Manaweft Sliver tap your lands and a sliver and play Collected Company for to more slivers.

Turn 4: well you get the picture.

There are interactions like that between all of your slivers like Sedge Sliver and Manaweft Sliver, beat removal for days with easy mana fixing. And never doubt the power of Sliver Hive not only does it fix your mana but later can be activated to get you another sliver.

Last but not least the sideboard:

Harmonic Sliver: for Affinity

Sliver Legion for elves

Sliver Hivelord: for Bant Eldrazi and Jund

Warping Wail For board wipes and spot removal

Frenetic Sliver: for board wipes

Telekinetic Sliver: for Tron

Homing Sliver: for consistancy

Spellskite: for Infect, burn and Boggles

Darkheart Sliver: for burn

Thank you for checking out my deck, I hope you liked it. Please leave me a comment below if you have any ideas, praises, or criticism. Thanks again!


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