Scarecrows destroy your land? what a cruel twist of fate :) read on ...

This is thematic, in that i can destroy target perminents (i.e. lands) when i put one of the many scarecrows in this deck into play once Reaper King is in play. i have many different ways of being able to afford the five types of mana to pay for him. in addition, I will be destroying enemy land from turn 3, thus meaning i can afford the luxury of time to draw the land I need.

I love cards like Orcish Mine for cruel control in this deck as it puts a countdown to a lands destruction (and there are plenty of land removal spells to back it up should it be working too slow or be removed).

Ajani Vengeant being from a duel deck set means that it isn't an uber expensive card to have aquired and put in this deck, and again, with the land destruction from the deck, having Ajani adds to the cruel control by preventing the untapping of an additional target land!

I have built so much land destruction and mana fixes into this deck that i don't have to worry so much about removal spells/counters/planeswalkers/massive creatuires, as these all cost mana! Mana you hopefully wont have!

Always up for suggestions as long as they are sensible and respond to the aim of the deck.

Please consider a plus one, this deck is currently un-defeated :)


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