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Cloudy With a Chance of Elves (Stormy Elves)

Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai) Combo Elves Storm Tribal



Elves are still gay.

Based off the decks Wish it were Squirrels, Wish it were Squirrels II, and Wish it were Squirrels III. This deck is an attempt to replicate those decks but in Commander format.

Originally designed with Leovold, Emissary of Trest(thanks ban list) as the commander due to being able to fetch through black.

Win condition is to go off with Paradox Engine/Earthcraft/Glimpse of Nature or similar combo and adding tons of mana for Blue Sun's Zenith/Damnable Pact.

This deck tries to run like a Storm deck and thus cares more about casting creature and non-creatures spells than flooding the board. I don't run any of the actual Storm cards, but they would make easy inclusions to the deck if I were to decide to go in that direction.


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