First and foremost, this is a Pauper EDH deck. This means every card in the deck has been printed at common at least once in it's "lifetime", additionally the commander is any creature at the uncommon level. With these facts in mind, please refrain from commenting something along the lines of, "Your commander isn't legendary, fix it!" This is a self-imposed deckbuilding restriction that I like to use because it allows me to hone my skills with specific deck archetypes.

With that soapbox out of the way, this is a Pauper Commander deck focused on getting multiple instances of repeatable life gain on board, landing Cliffhaven Vampire , and bleeding opponents dry via his ability. Something cool about his ability is that each instance of life gain triggers him separately, thereby meaning that opponents will be dead in pretty short order once the deck gets going. This was designed to be multiplayer oriented as opposed to my Lorescale Coatl and Blaze Commando decks being geared for 1v1. As per usual, all suggestions regarding the improvement of this deck will be considered. Additionally, if you found this deck to be pleasing, consider leaving an upvote.



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