This is a cleric deck that uses manabarbs and pyrohemia to dwindle down the opponent. Clerics stall until Manabarbs and Pyrohemia come out, while protecting myself with Battletide Alchemist and Hedron-Field Purists . Soltari Priest provides damage pressure throughout. Lightning Bolt , Lightning Helix , and Oblivion Ring help me with control. I would appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions on this deck as I am really looking to improve it. Any and all advice about any aspect of the deck is welcome. Thanks in advance.


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After playtesting I found the deck to be too slow for my liking, specifically because I had 4 Orcish Artillery in, and had to wait until I either had Battletide Alchemist or Personal Sanctuary out to use them. Taking out the Orcs and 1 Personal Sanctuary, I replaced them with 3 Red Sun's Zenith and 2 Ghostly Prison to further guard my self while Manabarbs and Pyrohemia come out. I am eager to hear what others think of this and whether they think the deck can be improved in anyway. Comments and suggestions are welcome! (I'm trying to keep it Modern) Thanks in advance.

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