Classic madness, an aggro-control deck from Odyssey block standard.

Plays like a Legacy tempo deck due to the sheer number of free and cost-reduced spells.

(CK legality)

(numbers be rough)

Strong (>55%) matchups:

  • Aggro: Cheap, pumpable creatures with cheap interaction and the ability to go long simply means that we get more, higher quality cards over time and are also able to deal with our opponent's threats without much issue.

  • uninteractive (after SB especially): By relying on practically no targeted removal and instead counterspells, this deck is able to deal with uninteractive threats (Bogles, Heroic) by simply countering them or, if that cannot be done, the spells which buff them later. After SB, we get access to Aura Flux and Gleeful Sabotage, which are both extremely effective against these kinds of matchups.

  • UB control: UB control wins by trading cards and forcing the game to go long to gain a mana advantage. Wild Mongrel fizzles a lot of UB removal by being able to change color, while our deck is able to press a mana advantage early enough to overrun the opponent's other removal and threats (using free/reduced cost spells).

  • Inside Out: Our cheap and free interaction forces the opponent to slow down if they want to combo reliably, while our aggressive threats are able to win quickly enough to prevent the long game from occurring. Waterfront Bouncer is pretty much an instawin if you can untap with it.

  • LD: Our threats are very cheap and the disruption this deck offers lines up well against the things LD threatens us with. Plus, Daze is basically a free LD counter as long as they're not targeting an Island.

Medium (~45-55%) matchups:

  • Burn (much better after SB): This deck is approximately 1 turn slower than burn on average, which means that having early counters against their spells is the difference between winning and losing. Even then, you must be able to put pressure on your opponent quickly which requires a lot of things to go right to win. Post SB, we gain access to Pulse, Dispel, and Blue EB which greatly increase the chances of surviving longer.

  • Boros: Drawing poorly against Boros means that you'll be swamped by cards from your opponent because you couldn't be aggressive enough. On the other hand, having a ton of instant-speed threats makes combat math and playing monarch cards very dangerous for our opponent.

Weak (<45%) matchups:

  • Elves: Not sure if it's just my luck or that this deck is bad against Elves, so I'll assume the latter. Elves has a mana advantage against this deck because of the amount of cheap, mana-generating creatures they have. That makes Daze only good on turn 1 or 2, which is one of our most critical pieces of interaction, making them basically unstoppable after those first turns (assuming they kept a hand with mana dorks and threats, which isn't hard to do). Post SB, we get access to Fade Away and Piracy Charm, the former of which is able to annihilate an elfball even after it is in play. Sadly, we still rely on drawing our 2-of to not die many times which makes this matchup not that great.

Unknown (un/underplayed) matchups: Tron, Delver (mono and Izzet), Mono B control

SB choices explained:

  • Aura Flux- Bogles (meta)
  • Blue EB- Red decks (burn, etc)
  • Dispel- Catch-all (tron, burn, delver, inside out, etc)
  • Gleeful Sabotage- Efficient catch-all (online ~70% of the time by turn 3)
  • Tormod's- Graveyard, tron
  • Pulse- Removal/Aggro matchups
  • Bouncer- Extra discard outlet/repeatable 'removal'
  • Gut Shot- Delver/Elves/Tribe (free but painful)
  • Piracy Charm- Delver/Elves/Tribe (not painful but also not free)
  • Fade Away- Creature decks (slivers, elves, boros) [Removed due to being ineffective in most situations]
  • Deep Anal- Grindy Matchups (boros, tron) [Removed due to the matchups this is for being good already]

There used to be a lot more SB cards that were synergistic/nostalgic with this deck (e.g. Memory Lapse and Rushing River ) but they were cut in favor of simply stronger cards.

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