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Circles Pillowfort Variant





This deck is a variant of Pillowfort that removes nearly all staple creatures in favor of playing the appropriate Circles of Protection. In order to make up for the lack of creatures, the deck plays numerous scry and draw effects in order to cycle through the deck quickly to find whatever enchantment is needed. The win condition is Azor's Elocutors, enchanted with Diplomatic Immunity if possible.

As a casual deck, others may allow you to modify your deck from your sideboard before games begin. If this is the case, you can sideboard in the appropriate circles of protection for you opponent. In general, it is best to favor removing a single sphere of safety and some combination of ghostly prison and propaganda. If you are not allowed to modify your deck beforehand, you can choose to either consistently start with certain circles in depending on your meta, or tweak the maindeck to include a few defensive creatures such as Guard Gamazoa. In the former case, 2-4 copies of Sleight of Mind are a godsend, as they allow you to adapt your circles to fit the situation. Also depending on the other players in your group, you may choose to include Circle of Protection: Artifacts.

Currently under consideration is whether to replace some number of Counterspell with Dissolve, as Dissolve allows you to dig through your deck faster. This can be done to taste.

The deck includes a number of interactions that may not be immediately obvious. One of the more amusing is to tap Azorius Chancery and Halimar Depths any time you cannot play a land for turn to pay the mana cost on Oboro Breezecaller, bouncing Halimar Depths to your hand to replay it while untapping Azorius Chancery. This allows you to have either set your draw for the next turn or, if preferred, set up two cards you don't want to be bottomed by Crystal Ball.


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