This is my Cinder tribal deck, based on putting -1/-1 counters on my opponent's creatures to destroy them, take control of 'em, or forbid them to attack or block.

Fists of the Demigod provide a strong combination of abilities (first strike and wither), and is strong mainly in Ashenmoor Gouger or Ashenmoor Liege.

You can also slowly kill your opponent with Cinder Pyromancer (removed by now) and Smolder Initiate as the game progresses. Stigma Lasher will make it easier.

The main cards here are Kulrath Knight, Necroskitter and Crumbling Ashes. Blowfly Infestation can come out of hand sometimes and start killing your own creatures if the board is clean, so have it in mind.

If the game gets too long, Din of the Fireherd, Rite of Consumption or Traitor's Roar can finish up the match!

This is one of my favorite thematic decks, alongside my Elementary flamekin deck. Different from their Lorwyn counterpart, the goal of Cinders is to spread their own suffering equally against all races, because now their inner flame is lost and they are dying in ashes.

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I've made this deck back in 2011/2012... He suffered many changes so it is about time to reset the discussion!

Nowadays it is my weakest deck, but still one of my favourites. At least I still use it when playing against friends with novice decks. It remains fun! :)

It is a little diminished, because I'm using my extra copies of Rite of Consumption, Dragonskull Summit and Leechridden Swamp on my other decks. :(

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