This is my Scepter Vat combo deck, designed to create my combo as quickly as possible, then go infinite.

Brainstorm and Ponder provide card draw, Enlightened Tutor, well, tutors, and the Etherium Sculptor and Vedalken Engineer provide mana ramp.

The core of the combo is Coretapper, imprinted onto my Mimic Vat. Their first target is Magistrate's Scepter, granting me infinite turns for three mana a turn. I have Spell Pierce and Dispel, to help them resolve, and Hindering Light and Apostle's Blessing to protect them once they've resolved.

Once I have infinite turns, my win-con is the 9/9 Golem token my Titan Forge produces, created as many times as necessary.

So, that's the combo, and the deck, please let me know what you think, any advice is appreciated.


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