This is my Scepter Vat combo deck, designed to create my combo as quickly as possible, then go infinite. I've known of Tron decks for years, of course, but I've only recently played against one, and it was eye-opening. I was extremely impressed by what it was capable of, but I realized that I had something better than planeswalkers and Eldrazi to power out with it, I had a time machine!

That time machine is Coretapper imprinted onto my Mimic Vat, targeting Magistrate's Scepter. This grants me infinite turns for three mana a turn.

Veil of Summer is there to make sure the time machine resolves, and Batterskull and/or Wurmcoil Engine help keep me alive until I can resolve my Time Machine. Once I have infinite turns, my win-con is the 9/9 Golem token my Titan Forge produces, created as many times as necessary.

I still haven't been able to test this, maybe 2 engines that need to be assembled is too much? But it seems like a perfect fit, please let me know what you think, any advice is appreciated. Thanks for checking it out!


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