I'm new to commander, but would like to try the format. I'm pretty sure I want to play BUG since I am a UB player at heart and green just seems fun in EDH. However, commander is also expensive (looking at you Jace, the Mind Sculptor), so I'd like to do this on a bit of a budget. Any advice is much appreciated.

Quick primer:

This is a Sultai combo-control deck with a strong flicker theme. It aims to ramp early, control the board with powerful ETB effects, then abuse those ETB effects with repeated flickering until I can assemble an infinite mana combo and win.

There are 3 infinite combos:

Once I have infinite mana, I can activate Tasigur, the Golden Fang infinite times to put my entire deck and graveyard in my hand. Then I can use Gray Merchant of Asphodel + blinking to kill everyone at the table.

For a turn 3 kill with Dispel backup:

T1: Forest. Cast Birds of Paradise

T2: Island. Tap the lands and and BOP to enchant the Island with Overgrowth.

T3: Swamp. Cast Sol Ring with the Swamp. Float 6 mana (UGGG2) with the lands and Sol Ring. Use all but a G to cast Peregrine Drake. Untap the lands with G still floating. Tap your lands to add UGGGB to your mana pool, so your mana pool now has UGGGGB floating. Use UGG to cast Ghostly Flicker with GGB still floating. Blink Peregrine Drake and Forest. When Peregrine Drake enters the battlefield, you can tap the now untapped Forest to float G in response to its ETB trigger, then untap all 3 lands with GGGB floating. Now cast Eternal Witness using GGG, so you have B floating. Get back Ghostly Flicker. Now tap your lands lands for UGGGB so you have UGGGBB floating. Cast flicker to blink Eternal Witness and Drake. Drake untaps your lands and Eternal Witness puts Ghostly Flicker back in your hand. Tap your lands, cast Flicker, blink Witness and Drake, untap and put Flicker back in your hand, then repeat until you have infinite G and B mana floating. Cast Tasigur, the Golden Fang and add your deck and graveyard to your hand. In this process you'll get Search for Tomorrow and Fertile Ground. Use either (or both) to either get an Island or enchant Island again so you can net U mana with the blink combo. Finally, cast and then blink Gray Merchant of Asphodel to kill everyone at the table.

At any point in turn 3, you have an untapped Birds of Paradise, so you can make a U mana for Dispel.

If you play Cloud of Faeries there's a possible turn 2 kill:

T1: Island, cast Sol Ring.

T2: Forest, tap Sol Ring and Forest to enchant Island with Overgrowth. Tap Island to cast Cloud of Faeries with G floating. Untap your lands. Tap to have UGGGG. Use GG to enchant Island with Fertile Ground (or cast Search for Tomorrow to find a swamp). Cast Ghostly Flicker, then Eternal Witness, then combo off and win.


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