**** I am looking to add Karn, Scion of Urza and Gideon Jura to this deck. I feel like they would be the final pieces to complete it (within my budget). What are your thoughts on this, and what should I remove to add them?

This is probably, as of now, my favorite deck that I’ve constructed. I take many months when it comes to building my decks, and I am happy to say that Chromium almost feels complete! With that being said, I feel as if the deck is missing a card or two that would really make it tick. I am looking for some final suggestions to Chromium before I go out and buy it. Please also offer cards you think should be removed from the deck, or ones that have better alternatives available to them. Now let’s get into how this deck is run.

This deck is meant to start out slow, and is mostly broken down into three distinct phases:

Phase 1) Phase 1 is about establishing our board. This phase is the longest phase, and is drawn out in part due to the heavy cmc for Chromium and the fact that this deck wants games to be drawn out. We ramp with artifacts, and get added benefits when we play those artifacts with Sai, Master Thopterist and Efficient Construction. This deck isn’t heavily creature focused, so the Thopters we create are mostly to be used as chump blockers. We can also establish a pillow fort with Norn's Annex and Ghostly Prison. We’ll control the board, using our Counterspells wisely and cautiously, using our spot removal when threats slip through (or we intentionally let past) our defenses. Mirage Mirror provides us with many options as we can mimic and control what our opponents are doing. Phase 1 is all about establishing our presence on the board... we don’t want to appear to be too frightening, but we also want to prevent our opponents from attacking us.

Phase 2) Phase 2 is about lowering our opponents life totals. With all the artifacts we have on the board, it’s time for our interesting synergies to begin. If one of our creature can slip past an opponent, attach a Blackblade Reforged or Sword of Feast and Famine to it. The blackblade allows us to chip at their life total and the sword allows us to be more controlling during our opponents turn. This pairs well with Unwinding Clock, as we can use this to consistently use Phyrexian Processor, which we drop in when we know it’ll be protected. Hangarback Walker fits into this category too, getting huge and producing multiple Thopters. Unwinding Clock also gives us access to mana to play our control spells in addition to these other benefits! Padeem, Consul of Innovation protects our artifacts, Memnarch steals from our opponents, and Sen Triplets (the other colors of mana can be generated with the treasures we’ll have, Chromatic Lantern, or we’ll just play a land from their hand) pretty much lets us be our opponents. With all the artifacts we have, this is the perfect time to lower life totals with creatures that can slip past but mostly with the Tezzerets, as they can use their abilities to lower life totals based on the artifacts we control. Magister Sphinx and Sorin Markov shoot our opponents right down to ten, and this leaves the door wide open for our finisher...

Phase 2.5) I call this phase 2.5 because this combo could be a finisher, or could just be infinite mana. Here’s how it goes: if we have 10 mana in our mana pool, we can infinitely activate our planeswalkers. Use Doubling Cube to double the mana to 14 (because of the three mana activation cost), use The Chain Veil, activate Tezzeret the Seeker plus 1 ability, repeat infinitely. If we have 11 mana this also generates infinite mana. With other planeswalkers ability to take life, if we have one of them on the battlefield in addition to these three pieces, we win the game. This is an alternate win con, as all three of these pieces were in the deck anyway, and if you can pull this off, perfect! It just adds a fun, cool way to close out a game if the opportunity presents itself, because these 3 awesome cards were always going in the deck no matter what, this is just a cool side effect.

Phase 3) Phase 3 is about finishing with Chromium. He can become unblockable, and with our opponents’ life totals already low, we don’t have to worry about getting in 21 commander damage. We stack him up with our voltron equipment which we have stored up and send him in! We can also use Tezzeret the Schemer to bulk him up too! Either way, he provides the final punch in this slow, controlling, and punishing deck.

I had so much fun building this deck, and I would truly appreciate any final suggestions! If you are questioning any cards, please point them out, as maybe they aren’t as potent as I thought. Thank you so much! **built on a $500 budget


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