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Elder Dragons: Chromium's Shattered Esperations

Commander / EDH Combo Control Dragons WUB (Esper)



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Ok folks, so here goes my first attempt at a Commander deck build. I had been out of the game since the Kamigawa block way back in the mid-2000's and a series of circumstances led me to coming back into the loop.

This deck kind of combines the two playstyles I had back then, dragons and control, hence the Esper combination. Honestly, I haven't played it yet and won't really be able to for another two weeks but what I'd like to get are opinions from the userbase about what I can change, things I can do better by changing cards around or cards that do better that the current ones for similar mana costs.

Adding further to this, I plan on doing a series of decks built around the original Elder Dragons, Arcades Sabboth, Palladia-Mors and Chromium Rhuell. This is the deck for Chromium, with the ones for Arcades and Palladia to follow soon.

Card Combos, Alt-Wincons and other Shenanigans

  1. Ojutai, Soul of Winter and Dragonlord Ojutai are both in the deck, as are Silumgar, the Drifting Death and Dragonlord Silumgar. I must really like the Dragons of Tarkir set, right? Well, partially yes, partially because they have some great supporting effects. Ojutai, Soul of Winter has vigilance on his own and allows me to tap an opponent's nonland permanent whenever a dragon I control attacks, great for wiping out potential blockers. Silumgar's abilities give me even more open options, with non-Dragonlord effectively functioning as a boardwipe if I have enough dragons swinging and Dragonlord Silumgar, allowing me to either steal a blocker or, combined with Settle the Score, steal and ult a Planeswalker that someone has been trying to do AND exile something else annoying.
  2. The Stars, from the last set I played (Kamigawa), but with their updated art. Kokusho for the damage-lifegain effect, Keiga for the big dumb creature thief and Yosei for the lock-down effect.
  3. A lot of the smaller creatures are set up with supporting the bigger guys in mind. Sure, they're maybe not the best, but boy they can have some killer abilities. For example, Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle and Loyal Retainers in the "Froot-Loops" combo, but more of a "Froot-Loops-Lite" version. Teshar is supported well with Legendaries and artifacts, which helps to enable the Retainers. Aven Mindcensor is there to block off the library diggers and Scalelord Reckoner assists with the control element of the deck. No one likes their things getting blown up.
  4. Primevals' Glorious Rebirth...oh, you smoked all my legendary creatures off the battlefield? Well, no, here comes Chromium out of the command zone so I have a legendary creature...aaaand they're all back now.

The New and Improved Chromium!

After playing this against friends, I figured out that I wanted it to be a little more sinister...so to that end this deck has received a much needed de-Ojutaization and quite a few big Esper staples have been added. There's a lot more that I could have done and wanted to shove in, but I can only play with 100 cards so...yeah.

Also added to the deck were a few multi-effect spells, a few more board wipes, an Approach of the Second Sun because Chromium's pesky brother always finds a way into things, perhaps my favorite combo Isochron Scepter + Mission Briefing because using counters twice is relevant and my second favorite combo in addition to being an instant wincon Phage the Untouchable. Fractured Identity + Phage the Untouchable ...yeah, that sounds like it could be fun. Additionally, this deck now features far more Legendary Creatures than before, why? Well, I figure if I get board wiped, I might as well get as much bang for my buck with Primevals' Glorious Rebirth. Also added were Smothering Tithe for the additional mana once its out of my deck and another alternate wincon, Mechanized Production because those treasure tokens are also artifacts and it ensures I generate a treasure every turn, rather than on every turn but mine.


Updates Add

Beginning to look into cards from Guilds of Ravnica as replacements for some things that aren't performing particularly well.



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