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Elder Dragons: Chromium's Shattered Esperations

Commander / EDH Combo Control Dragons W/U/B (Esper)



Ok folks, so here goes my first attempt at a Commander deck build. I had been out of the game since the Kamigawa block way back in the mid-2000's and a series of circumstances led me to coming back into the loop.

This deck kind of combines the two playstyles I had back then, dragons and control, hence the Esper combination. Honestly, I haven't played it yet and won't really be able to for another two weeks but what I'd like to get are opinions from the userbase about what I can change, things I can do better by changing cards around or cards that do better that the current ones for similar mana costs.

Adding further to this, I plan on doing a series of decks built around the original Elder Dragons, Arcades Sabboth, Palladia-Mors and Chromium Rhuell. This is the deck for Chromium, with the ones for Arcades and Palladia to follow soon.

Card Combos, what's an Esper deck without combos?

  1. Ojutai, Soul of Winter and Dragonlord Ojutai are both in the deck, as are Silumgar, the Drifting Death and Dragonlord Silumgar. I must really like the Dragons of Tarkir set, right? Well, partially yes, partially because they have some great supporting effects. Ojutai, Soul of Winter has vigilance on his own and allows me to tap an opponent's nonland permanent whenever a dragon I control attacks, great for wiping out potential blockers. His Dragonlord version, while hexproof only while untapped, can easily be untapped with Freed from the Real after swinging for the trigger. Silumgar's abilities give me even more open options, with non-Dragonlord effectively functioning as a boardwipe if I have enough dragons swinging and Dragonlord Silumgar, allowing me to either steal a blocker or, combined with Settle the Score, steal and ult a Planeswalker that someone has been trying to do AND exile something else annoying.
  2. Ruthless Deathfang...I know, I know, "you don't have anything that sacs things". Got to watch this spiral into a boardwipe after hitting someone with Fractured Identity.
  3. A lot of the smaller creatures are set up with supporting the bigger guys in mind. Sure, they're maybe not the best, but boy they can have some killer abilities. Take Hidden Dragonslayer for example, sure he's technically a Dromokan card, but we won't hold that against him...because he can be cast for megamorph and smoke something with 4 or higher power...guess some guys get real mad when you wake them from that all weekend bender.
  4. Primevals' Glorious Rebirth...oh, you smoked all my Dragonlords off the battlefield? Well, no, here comes Chromium out of the command zone so I have a legendary creature...aaaand they're all back now.
  5. Cyclonic Rift, Nexus of Fate and Leyline of Anticipation. Oh gee, I've got all these big creatures arrayed against me, let me just wipe everyone else's board...and take another turn. And then shuffle Nexus back into my deck. And cast whatever I want at instant speed. Why? Why not.
  6. Crux of Fate because if I have dragons and you don't, what do you think I'm gonna choose here? And if I've had Leyline in play the entire time, it's basically an instant.


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Beginning to look into cards from Guilds of Ravnica as replacements for some things that aren't performing particularly well.


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