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Bolas? Garruk? Domri?. . . Oh yeah and some freakin' Elderscale Wurm !! Ramp it up and slam it down with some planeswalken fun time!


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This deck is Modern legal.

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Tokens Domri, 3/3 Beast, 5/5 Wurm
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+2 Axebane Guardian main
-2 Manaweft Sliver main
-2 Alpha Authority main
-4 Axebane Guardian maybe
-2 Arbor Elf main
+2 Overgrown Battlement main
+4 Fog side
-1 Alpha Authority side
-2 Mwonvuli Beast Tracker side
-1 Elderscale Wurm main
-2 Overgrown Battlement main
+1 Axebane Guardian main