Angels for Chistmas

This is a deck build for a Christmas Themed EDH-multiplayergame.

Angels, lots of them: Angel of Deliverance, Luminous Angel the bringer of the holy spirit(s), Empyrial Armor Read That flavor text!

And Shepherds: Mesa Enchantress, Sanctimony, Voice of Duty

Some Sheep: Nyx-Fleece Ram Sheep are hard to find. Suggestions are most wellcome.

Baby in crib: Crib Swap or Cradle of Vitality

And off course a Star Compass for the three wise men: Reinforcements

Further some musical instruments from a Dutch Christmas carol:

Elke vogel zingt zijn lied, herders waarom zingt gij niet. Laat de citers slaan, blaast de fluiten Citanul Flute aan Laat de bel Temple Bell, laat de trom Springleaf Drum, laat de beltrom Herald's Horn horen: ...


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