Hi all and welcome to my version of an angel deck. Built this to piss off a friend who said angels won't work that good on it's own and gave up on it half way trough :D (In Modern, ofc. Legacy we would straight have gone for the old but gold Entomb / Exhume combo).

First thing I had to found out: He's not that wrong, damn these angels have their price manawise! And I looked at all of them. So I fiddled around and decided to go with a ramp of walls. First of all I didn't see this done often so far and second I think that having 4 toughness from round two on is a great way to stretch the game. And thanks to DarkStarStorm this deck ended up to be somehow competitive (but not in a tournament sense, obviously). But let's have a look:

.The early game.

  • Avacyn's Pilgrim and Wall of Roots providing us with mana which is desperately needed in this deck
  • Wall of Omens provides us with a slight card advantage and lets us stall the game till turn 4 or 5
  • Path to Exile helps us getting rid of threats we can't handle at this stage of the game
  • Descendants' Path prepares the battleground on which our angels can shine as they are used to

.The reinforcement. - Sorted by its manacost.

enter image description here

Hope you like the deck and inputs and suggestions are welcome. +1's too, obviously! And now I happily go off to destroy my friend with this modern angel deck :D


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Thanks to all the inputs you gave me.

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