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non-competitive BUDGET version of Bogles.... without Bogles. for competitve version click below:

Bogle School

Modern PepsiAddicted


since this is NON-COMPETITIVE you have alot more time to get started than a 'regular' (turn1) bogle and theres no reason to mull aggressively... basically this is the deck list you give to ur little brother so he can be a badass when playing with his friends without making him pay 600+ for a 'real' bogle deck.


  • start with a Kor Spiritdancer (for card draw, really important) and protect it with Spider Umbra (so it can block air later on).

  • then a hexproof creature that gets buffed till its strong enough (and preferably has lifelink), dont waste all auras at once and if playing against control throw in a lesser aura as bait.

  • next is an Aura Gnarlid that gets buffed by all auras on the battlefield and may get a spider umbra to be a valid blocker against air and totem armor against removal.

  • hexproof creature and gnarlid do all the attacking, both should be unblockable all the time.


Dismember is a cheap removal card since life-gain is pretty fast and therefore 4 or even 8 isnt much to pay (ofc 4x Path to Exile is better, so go for that in ur non budget version). Spirit Link is awesome against aggro or in case you need to stack lifegain. Gladecover Scout is the same as Slippery Bogles but i didnt want the color indicator on TO to show 4 colors so i didnt put them in. Depending on how fast you want your deck you can change the number of Spirit Dancers and Keen Sense.

(featured card is Little Girl . because when your stuff turns into 15/15 unblockable lifelink creatures everything looks like a little girl! plz do not suggest fetches, Dryad Arbor, Daybreak Coronet or Horizon Canopy. ofc they are awesome but thats not what we are going for with this deck <3).

For Modern/Casual matches you can always message me on MTGO (username: Pepsiaddict )


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