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Chaos: (1.) Complete disorder and confusion. (2.) Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random.

A chaos Inalla deck that is built around tapping Wizards, with a handful of ways to untap all the wizards. The primary wincon is Inalla's tap 5 wizards: deal 7 damage to player. Secondary wincons will show themselves via the chaos, lets get started! NOTE: This deck is purposely left at a lower power level w/ chaos shenanigans because that is what I find fun, the base itself is powerful and you can swap out the 10 or so silly cards that I love so much if you want to raise the deck's overall power, throw in some extra tutors and find my combos if that is what you find fun.

WINCONS: Etali, Primal Storm,(the only non-wizard) if i play him I feel like a winner and thats enough for me. Galecaster Colossus, I will bounce every single thing and win w/ an army of 2/2 and 1/1 wizards. Havengul Lich + Timestream Navigator , infinite turns. Wanderwine Prophets, infinite turns. Clone Legion, start with 5 wizards, double to 10 wizards, tap 10 wizards deal 14 damage untap them using a random assortment of spells like Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage and deal another 14 damage, 28 damage isn't too shabby for some tap wizards, though my output is usually closer to 100+ damage a turn when I cast Clone Legion. Faces of the Past or Intruder Alarm will also achieve good damage with tap 5 wizards. Anathemancer and or Dire Fleet Ravager to lower someones hp enough to kill them with tap 5 wizards. Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter w/ the proper artifact ramp and at least 5 wizards will effectively go infinite dealing 7 damage then untapping everything, rinse and repeat.

CHAOS and "cascade": Etali, Primal Storm, a fun "cascade". Endless Whispers, my wizards are weak and likely to die, but they aren't going anywhere too quickly, on top of the fun that this chaos card causes. Grip of Chaos enough said. Hive Mind is great fun to play for chaos. Mind's Dilation is both a chaos and "cascade" type effect that I love to play, leading straight into Stolen Strategy for the same chaotic reasons. Sunbird's Invocation just another "cascade" that will spew out wizards. Chaos Wand, my chaos version of a wand of wonders.

FUN COMBOS: Grip of Chaos + Hive Mind , Galecaster Colossus + Surgespanner or any of the other force tap cards..or any of the cards that want to become tapped/untapped like Fallowsage. Niv-Mizzet, Parun + Riptide Director . Mirage Mirror + Sunbird's Invocation , Clone Legion + Sigil Tracer

WISHBOARD = SIDE BOARD: Is full of a bunch of cards that I enjoy but were destroying my CMC curve, with a handful of good cards if need be. Other than fun cards like Cruel Entertainment key cards include Spelltwine, nice for Clone Legion or other such spells and is just a fun spell. Burn at the Stake if I want to deal a copious amount of damage. Tempt with Reflections if someone is silly enough to give me that many wizards. Sleep or Worst Fears to effectively steal an opponent's turn. Thieves' Auction if I need a "fieldwipe". Cultural Exchange after I make some tokens off of inalla and exchange them out for non-token critters, or just have a bunch of fun w/ the spell. NOTE: the wishboard is nothing more than a a few utility spells surrounded by a bunch of my favorite cards that had to high of CMC and didn't directly support the tap wizards, if wishboards are frowned upon in your group, I would take Burn at the Stake and replace the wish card.

RUIN YOUR OPPONENT'S TURN and control the flow of spells (counter and copy): Galecaster Colossus can't attack if you don't have creatures, Breaking Wave tap all those creatures of yours, Mana Short is a personal favorite followed by Psychic Trance, I will deny someone's whole turn via counterspells. Sigil Tracer I will borrow that spell, Hivemind everyone will borrow that spell. Soratami Savant, Voidmage Prodigy for some repeated counterspells.

HOW TO PILOT: Embrace the chaos, enjoy the ride, and don't fight the flow. For better instructions see Grip of Chaos flavor text: "When the world is consumed by chaos, the skilled and the foolish are on equal footing". Also you may want to tap some wizards.

Really though, I prefer to fetch Etali, Primal Storm or Sunbird's Invocation to start "cascading" wizards, building a solid number of tappers w/ a pseudo form of my absolute favorite mechanic: cascade. Galecaster Colossus will draw too much hate if you fetch him too early, so wait until you are ready to win...or to save your bacon. I refuse to fetch my infinite turn combos, unless I am playing against a powerful group where I have to if I don't want to lose in the first handful of turns. Other then that, build up your mana and tap your way to victory...chaotically of course.

If you want to actually win, fetch: Wanderwine Prophets or Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter or Havengul Lich + Timestream Navigator or Clone Legion + Sigil Tracer or Burning Wish + Clone Legion (burning wish is to retrieve Burn at the Stake from the wishboard. or

Azami, Lady of Scrolls + Cryptic Gateway draw a bunch of cards, cryptic gateway wizards out and make a token copy, when your army is ready, use a mass untap spell like my Jace or Riptide Chronologist which if timed well, will trigger Faces of the Past along w/ a handful of other sac wizards, most notably Timestream Navigator; Riptide Chronologist or Information Dealer will make this infinitely easier.

Faces of the Past: I recommend only casting the following cards if you can make copies of them. Anathemancer and Dire Fleet Ravager want to die. Riptide Chronologist, time stream navigator, Apprentice Necromancer, Voidmage Prodigy, any legendary creature.

Once they die, bring them right on back: some are built in like Anathemancer, others are utility critters or lands like Apprentice Necromancer, Bloodline Necromancer, Havengul Lich, Rise from the Grave (is in wishboard), Memorial to Folly or Mortuary Mire.

Have fun.


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