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Chandra's Burning Control

Standard BR (Rakdos) Burn Control



Since I saw the new Chandra, Awakened Inferno , I had the idea to swarm my opponent with those emblems. So the deck is meant to remove everything from the board, while placing emblems. Ill-Gotten Inheritance offers some backup to heal yourself and burn your opponent... also a nice finisher sometimes. Otherwise The Eldest Reborn is a great addition for this deck, thanks to it's removel function and the chance to bring Chandra, Awakened Inferno back. AND finally I found a way to make Captive Audience work in a deck. It's so much fun to see your opponent struggle after you played it. :P ---------> I feel, that I need some carddraw, but I have no idea, how I should get it... running dry seems to be my only real weakspot right now.


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