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Chance For Glory - Naya Combo/Aggro

Standard Aggro Combo Competitive RGW (Naya) Tokens



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"What Just Happened?"

"Did you really just turn Four Chance for Glory ?!
"But.. But.. On turn two you played Hero of Precinct One & then on turn three you played Tajic, Legion's Edge ...
"yup. GG bro. That was fun."

That specific curve is the core of the deck.
If you turn two Hero, Emmara, Skyknight, or Swiftblade, turn three Tajic, and then follow it up with a chance for glory, you can finish a game then and there. (20 damage) I built the rest of the deck around that core combo with an aggro goal in mind.

I included Hero of Precinct One , Emmara, Soul of the Accord & Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin to generate LITERALLY as many token as i could in these colors. If I am not getting a swift combo kill, I am going wide with tokens and winning that way.
I went the token route so that whether playing against decks that run tons of creatures AND / OR removal spells you can more often than not get some damage in each turn.
I included Domri, Anarch of Bolas so that I can double the power on the board while casting an extra one mana spell AND / OR remove a blocker from the opponent's side of the field. The one copy of Heroic Reinforcements is another finisher when you have a few bodies on board.

Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice helps squeeze out a few more tokens from krenko, enable another mentor trigger, or to just serve as a big flying butt.

Feather, the Redeemed is here to take advantage of her busted ability. A single recurred spell could could be the difference on if a chance for glory is gonna work or not.

Collision / Colossus & Swiftblade Vindicator both help round out the combo a bit to make up for blockers.

HUGE shoutout to MontaukMonster for helping me finalize a sideboard!
Game two, if on the draw, I drop Heroic Reinforcements as it is a bit too slow for going second.
Not only that but I drop both copies of Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin as well. They tend to be a bit fragile especially when the opponent knows it's there.
I tend to side in both copies of Gruul Spellbreaker & a single Shifting Ceratops in their place to make the deck more resilient.

As for the rest of the board it is full of hate cards.
Drop Skyknight Vanguard & Emmara, Soul of the Accord in favor of Knight of Grace where relevant. Swap out Gods Willing for Veil of Summer if needed. Lastly, Drop both Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice as well as Heroic reinforcements to play all three copies of Shifting Ceratops .

This is my baby, I hope you like it.

PS- originally this deck would take advantage of the multiple legends by playing Mox Amber as well as featuring a more complicated combo that used both chance for glory and Response / Resurgence to burst down enemies. When WAR was released I dropped the mana curve of the deck and attempted to make it as streamlined as possible. Any feedback is welcomed. (currently made it from gold 4 to diamond 4 with this exact list in arena)

Thanks again.
Check out the Red/White only version here --> http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/boros-chance-for-glory/?cb=1563848676


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