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Champions of the Sun! Ahaaaahaaa

Commander / EDH* Burn Casual Lifegain RW (Boros)


Main goal: Burn everyone while gaining life. Also doesn’t hurt to copy your burn spells or even your opponents spells. Infinite: I’m using Boros Reckoner with Basilisk Collar and either Boros Charm , Avacyn, Angel of Hope , Hammer of Nazahn , or Darksteel Plate with damage dealt to reckoner for infinite life. Deafening Clarion can do both damage and give lifelink! A 2 in one combo just need indestructible and you’re golden! 2 card interactions that you don’t want to miss include Repercussion with Blasphemous Act , or Star of Extinction = massive board wipe and damage to the point that it just might be game ending. Heartless Hidetsugu with Basilisk Collar = lots of life gain and damage to all opponents. Treasonous Ogre goes great when you have infinite life or just lots of life to spare for mana. Infinite mana gives you the win with Comet Storm or Aurelia's Fury . Authority of the Consuls and Forbidden Orchard go really well in this. A really nice tech of mine plus you’re giving your opponents more creatures to burn and gain life! Don’t underestimate the power of the Boros Brothers!


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