We all have that one deck that is forever our favorite, well this is mine. It's not some salty combo or "win-more" deck that sucks all the fun out of the game (i think haha). This keeps with the hobby spirit of EDH as it has been for years. It's forever a work in progress and came from humble beginnings as a W/R furnace of wrath deck and went through several iterations and color changes to arrive here.

Obviously, the win condition is Rafiq and double strike. The play style is to gain card advantage/control through recurring come-into-play abilities using things like Venser, Resto angel, and Angel of Serenity (and ways to copy those creatures). A little bit of theft involved to use an opponents strength against them, and some directed spells to get things on the battlefield or remove them.

Other than Venser, planeswalkers are not necessary, and even Rafiq could be replaced. Using a new general would just require things like Thada adel and ambassador sphinx (lose the double trigger) to be removed, along with cold-eyed selkie (not good for only one card) and finest hour (turn 4/5 win condition by cmdr damage). Running more control magics/sower has in practice shown to up the power level and still benefits from Venser flips, it is also less friendly.


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