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Commander / EDH UR (Izzet)



Niv-Mizzet combo/storm First of all what is competitive edh? The simplest definition it is the format where game usually ends at turn 4 (if there is no stax deck at table). Can this deck win till turn 5? Yes. But this is tier 3 deck. If you want to win often, you probably should choose Kess, Dissident Mage as your commander (good for storm). In my club you can play proxy cards not at dci tournaments (as i do). So yes i have no Timetwister and Candelabra of Tawnos IRL. It is not optimal build. I have a couple of "fun" cards. I am playing this deck because I like philosophy of this this color combination (you can see Wedge video on youtube). You know I'm kind of crazy scientist myself (as many in the Guild of Izzet (yep that's true I'm bipolar)).


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